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Graphic hardware and software


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Graphic hardware and software

  1. 1. Graphic hardware and software Rafhat Furmully
  2. 2. Hardware used to create imagesRAMCPUGraphics cardHard drive
  3. 3. Graphics card
  4. 4. RAM
  5. 5. Processors
  6. 6. Hard drive• The hard drive is the most common place to store graphical files as it is fast.• In the past few years hard drives have been getting bigger and bigger, you can buy a external hard drive for like £90 which is quite cheap.
  7. 7. Software used to create images• There are a variety of different software applications such as Photoshop, Iphoto and paint which allows the users to
  8. 8. Photoshop• Photoshop is a piece of software for users such as graphics designers to edit photos or images.• Photoshop is incorporated with Adobe Web Premium CS5.
  9. 9. Iphoto• Iphoto is a software device that is only available in Mac computers. Iphoto allows users to use pictures to create calendars for a fairly cheap price.
  10. 10. Paint• Paint is a piece of software available for Microsoft computers• This piece of software is free to use as it is incorporated with windows OS system• This is for beginners who are new to computers and is a great way to start editing pictures and images.
  11. 11. Explain how different types of graphic images relate to file formatsFile extension Graphics type Full name DescriptionGIF Raster Graphics Interchange Format GIF is used on the internet, it maintains animated images.JPG Raster Joint Photographic Experts JPG is used for photos and Group 2000 other tones of images on the internet. The value of the picture can vary depending on the compression settings.BMP Raster Windows Bitmap Frequently used by Microsoft Windows program and the Windows operating system. Compression can be specific.PNG Raster Portable Network Graphics Its a lossless bitmap image format that is popular on the internet.TIFF Raster Tagged Image File Format TIFF files are large and of very high quality. TIFF is very common for transporting colour or gray-scale images into page layout applications
  12. 12. Vector and Bitmap GraphicsGraphics type Features and functionsVector Vector graphics pursue mathematical rules . Shapes are understood by vector graphic software as coordinate points joined by lines with a defined fill.Bitmap A bitmap image is a computer file used to store a picture
  13. 13. Limitations of HardwareType of Hardware LimitationsSony DSC-HX9V This camera is quite heavy and bulky which makes it quite difficult to carry around. This is also very expensive but also has a very small memory card. If this is your first camera it can be quite sophisticated .Canon EOS 600D The camera sensor is terrible as pictures look blurred. This camera is also very expensive.
  14. 14. Limitations of softwareType of software LimitationsPhotoshop Photoshop is very expensive as it costs around £100 to about £300. It is very complicated for new users,Paint For basic commands of editing of photos or images. You are limited to how much you can edit and you dont have a wide variety of tools to use to edit images.