The World Portrait Food Pictures


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The World Portrait Food Pictures

  1. 1. Bistro food pictures Raf Griep
  2. 2. Canapés
  3. 3. Gelatin Serrano ham Tagliatelle with deconstructed Pesto Genovese
  4. 4. Minted Green Pea Mousse with Parmesan Cheese Cracker
  5. 5. Frisée Salad with Croutons and Russian poached Egg
  6. 6. Mediterranean Vegetable Salad
  7. 7. Progressive Anti Pasti served in Two Courses
  8. 8. Foie Gras Terrine with Apple Compote and Brioche
  9. 9. Sashimi of Salmon Filet, Rice Vinegar Sponge, Fruit and Vegetable Brunoise
  10. 10. Terrine of Langoustines and Buttermilk served with a Tomato Variation
  11. 11. Chucked Oysters with lemon Granite, Fava beans and Osietra Caviar
  12. 12. Mushroom Cappuccino and Doughnut, topped with Aioli and Anchovy
  13. 13. French Onion Soup with broiled Croutons and Mountain Cheese
  14. 14. Giant Potato cooked sous vide with Rose Leaves and Pear fondue
  15. 15. Pan fried Green Asparagus and Brioche wrap with scalded Goat Milk
  16. 16. Quiche Loraine 3-logy using Potatoes, Mushrooms and Spinach
  17. 17. Black and White Ricotta Ravioli with Sage Butter Foam
  18. 18. Spaghettini in spicy Tomato Juice, Shell Fish and Lobster tail
  19. 19. Parisian Gnocchi with Fine Herbs and Butter Emulsion
  20. 20. Tagliatelle in sweet Tomato sauce, Prawns and sautéed Forest Mushrooms
  21. 21. Grilled Scallops on Lemon Vinaigrette and Summer Succotash
  22. 22. Variation of Fish, Shell and Seafood with Red Wine Butter Chive Oil and Duchesse Potatoes
  23. 23. Pan seared Sea Bass on Saffron Vanilla sauce with Turnip Mousse and Swiss Chard
  24. 24. Butter poached Medallion of Sturgeon on Lemon Vodka Foam Potato Spaghettini, topped with Osietra Caviar
  25. 25. Lobster tail “Fish and Chips” with deconstructed Tartar sauce on a bed of mashed Green Peas with white Truffle Oil
  26. 26. Oven roasted Sea Bass filet and Tomato fondue served on a bed of Lemon Thyme perfumed Cous Cous
  27. 27. Sashimi of white Tuna Belly topped with Beluga caviar and Melba toast
  28. 28. Poached filet of Cod with orange Bell Pepper Coulis Onion Flowers and soft Garlic Cookie
  29. 29. Grilled Sea Bass filet with Tomato Compote, braised Globe Artichokes and Saffron Potato Fondant
  30. 30. Pan seared Turbot filet in Vegetable filled Pita Bread with Cornish hen Ballotine and poached Quail Egg
  31. 31. Chicken breast Tandoori with minted Yoghurt, Red Lentil Ravioli and toasted Cashew Nuts
  32. 32. Oven roasted corn fed Chicken breast and Rosemary sauce, young Vegetables and Bakers Potatoes
  33. 33. Grilled Lamb Chops and Eggplant Caviar Bruscetta topped with Confit Cherry Tomatoes, Pepperoni and Pecorino
  34. 34. Salted Pork filet on Green Lentils and root Vegetables
  35. 35. Beef Tenderloin with Pommery Mustard Crust, Red Wine sauce Princess Bean Bundle and Potato Tart
  36. 36. Glazed Duck breast on Corn Pancake, Brussels sprouts and Pearl Onions
  37. 37. Lamb loin with Bell Pepper Crust on Rosemary sauce Eggplant, Pesto and Potato Gnocchi
  38. 38. Pear crumble topped with a Pear Sorbet Quenelle surrounded by Mango and Cassis Coulis
  39. 39. Glazed Chocolate Mousse with Mango Sorbet and cassis coulis
  40. 40. Chocolate Ganache Rose on Walnut Cookie and minted Berries
  41. 41. Dessert trolley