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Contemporary Culinary Impressions


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Contemporary Culinary Impressions

  1. 1. contemporary culinary impressions 2011 R
  2. 2. apéros Saudi champagne apple | orange | mint This mock tail is our version of the well known classic Saudi champagne cocktail - but with a little twist. By combining fresh, crunchy apples, a cold, minty granita of lemons and caviar like jelly pearls of orange, our champagne offers different textures and temperatures coming together in one glass and resembling the one and only: Saudi champagne. A splendid mock tail, refreshing and complex. R
  3. 3. apéros beer teaser mango | kiwi | raspberry | lemon Our colorful beer teasers are made from non alcoholic beer combined with the refreshing notes of pure mango, kiwi and raspberry. All of these varieties are topped by an air like foam with a gentle sweetness and a present lemony aroma. R
  4. 4. R canapé hummus macaroon tahina | chickpea | cream | olive oil This canapé is an adaption of hummus, which is a classic mezzeh dish, and combines elements of both, the sweet and the savory world. First, there is the sweet crunch of the macaroon, followed by the rich flavor of pure hummus and then to be embraced by a round bodied olive oil (served in a pipette).
  5. 5. R canapé hummus desert tahina | chickpea | cream Another interpretation of hummus, which is a minimalistic spin-off dish but at the same time also executed as a declination. The “desert“ offers an interesting range of different textures and consistencies that remain the same taste: the combination of chickpeas and tahina paste - the essence of each hummus dish.
  6. 6. R spherical paella rice | lemon | piment d´espelette | Armando Manni “per me” olive oil A liquid ravioli, filled with the essence of a classic paella. The crunchy rice crisps give it a nice textural addition while the charcoal aroma of the black salt and the strong herbal and grassy toned Armando Manni “per me” olive oil accents the rich paella flavor. canapé
  7. 7. R quail egg beef bacon | almond The idea behind this canapé is to combine the meaty richness of the beef bacon with the succulent textured, also the very rich quail egg and the flavor of smoked almonds in a refined one bite sized dish. The beef bacon is served as a dehydrated microwave sponge and thereby contrasts the succulent, soft yolk of the quail egg. canapé
  8. 8. R oeuf en cocotte white truffle | Armando Manni “per me” olive oil A dish with a soul presented with a sense of humor: the egg is steamed at a low temperature and served in a glass egg. The slow poaching process results in a perfectly creamy egg yolk and a still very soft egg white. The white truffle salt with it´s inherent subtle nuances of garlic perfectly reflects the rich taste and aroma of the yolk, completed by the Armando Manni “per me” olive oil. The bâton adds texture and a pinch of sweetness. canapé
  9. 9. R “ red” gazpacho tomato | bell pepper | strawberry | Armando Manni “per me” olive oil The “red” gazpacho is the result of our research in food pairing and balances the characteristics of tomatoes, bell pepper and strawberry. The acidity of the tomatoes, the gentle freshness of the bell pepper and the sweetness of the strawberries go in alliance of a subtle sweet-sour freshness. According to this complex freshness, the dish is accomplished by a confit tomato served on a crouton. canapé
  10. 10. R “ green” gazpacho cucumber | pineapple | salmon | Armando Manni “per me” olive oil The “green” gazpacho matches the sweet and at the same time, the acidic pineapple with the light freshness of cucumbers. The dish is accomplished by cured salmon served on a crouton. canapé
  11. 11. R “ violet” gazpacho red cabbage | apple | lamb | Armando Manni “per me” olive oil The “violet” gazpacho is a dish with a soul, resembling the taste of cooked red cabbage but contrasts this aspect with it´s elegant lightness. Apple, balsamic vinegar and cinnamon also contribute to the delightful taste of this gazpacho as well as the additional elements served: a sous vide poached filet of lamb, served on a crouton and sprinkled with red cabbage powder and charcoal salt. canapé
  12. 12. R canapé Romaine salad gazpacho Romaine lettuce | tomato | caper | olive With this creation, the well known Romaine salad is interpreted in a contemporary style and therefore is served as a pure and refreshing gazpacho of Romaine lettuce accomplished by a tomato confit and textured balsamic vinegar.
  13. 13. R canapé olive/oil olive oil | olive | anchovy | garlic flower olive/oil - as the name suggests, this is canapé built around the idea of serving the guest an aromatic declination of olives and olive oil. The concept refers to offering olives and olive oil in a wide range and nuances of their flavors and aroma in an elegant and interesting way. Therefore the olive and the oil are presented in different preparations and textures.
  14. 14. R canapé Romaine salad granita Romaine lettuce | tomato | balsamic vinegar | dill This interpretation of the Romaine salad points out the light and refreshing character of the original dish by serving the guest a cold crunchy granita of Romaine lettuce in combination with a very light but also very flavorful white tomato foam.
  15. 15. R canapé halloumi snow cucumber| mint | dill This special combines the menthol fresh mint with dill, cucumber and the cheesy - but also a little bit briny - halloumi cheese. The basic concept behind the presentation is to make a spin-off and altering the texture of the halloumi by transferring it into a frozen powder, which is accented by a soft textured cucumber-mint jelly and crunchy baby croutons.
  16. 16. R canapé spaghetti “white and green” cucumber| halloumi | mint | dill The very first dish of the collection 2011 using the gelling agent kappa to create a dish around our concept of new pasta. Here it is a spaghetto made of halloumi, that again goes with mint, cucumber and dill. The cucumbers also fit in the image of a spaghetti like pasta, but are not altered in their natural texture.
  17. 17. R canapé beetroot and labneh red beet| yellow beet | purple shiso | lentil The sweet and earthy beetroot is a very complex root vegetable and demands for strong counterparts, such as the muted acidic and refreshing labneh cream cheese and the straight forward purple shiso. Here the beets are executed as sautéed and baked brunoise and as a mw sponge, offering an interesting texture and mouth feeling. The fresh lentil sprouts add a fresh crunch to the dish as well as a pinch of more complexity.
  18. 18. R canapé ocean breeze “marine and creamy“ skate wing liver | green apple The ocean breeze is a very straight forward combination of an acidic and refreshing green apple puree and the very marine and briny skate wing liver espuma. Each spoon eaten is like a walk on the beach, watching the ocean, feeling it´s breeze. Or - hearing it, simply by listening to the soundtrack on the iPod that lies hidden under the stones. A dish with a soul.
  19. 19. R canapé smoked salmon tartar potato | carrot | oak This smoked salmon tartar is special in many ways. First, it offers the diner the complex taste of a real smoked salmon but is made from cured salmon, that is more meaty and succulent in texture. Second, it carries a sense of humor, by adding salmon caviar looking pearls to the all over composition, that are not real caviar, but made from carrot juice and anis. And third, it is an elegant dish, showing technical skills as well as a sense of culinary refinement.
  20. 20. R appetizer salad of lobster “herbal and fruity” tomato | strawberry | parsley | mint | anis A salad based on the combination of perfectly cooked lobster and different types of tomatoes (cherry, heirloom, zebra, romana and Lebanese mountain tomatoes) which are prepared in different ways, such as pickling and drying. Using each part the tomatoes enhances the diversity of the salad´s fruity character, as well as the strawberry. The parsley coulis (a smooth, cold puree) and the mint add a green and herbal touch, making this dish refined and complex.
  21. 21. R appetizer crispy skate wing “green and grassy“ bell pepper | saffron | caper | Armando Manni “per me“ olive oil A dish, that in spite of being presented almost minimalistic offers a wide spectrum of flavors and textures. The pan fried skate wing with it´s crispy crust demands for a strong counterpart, which he finds in the confit of bell peppers, fresh capers and garlic flowers. The grassy character of the Armando Manni “per me” olive oil adds an aromatic twist and goes well together with the saffron spaghetto, which is kind of a new pasta and does not contain any egg or flour.
  22. 22. R appetizer “ marine“ salad of octopus and cuttlefish squid ink | apple | root vegetables | borlotti beans | basil An appetizer aiming to take the character of a marine salad to another level of complexity and refinement. The octopus is presented as a carpaccio, building the “marine” fundament for the cuttlefish, which develops his gentle sweet flavor in combination with the duality of the acidic apple and the more earthy root vegetables. The smooth borlotti bean puree accents the crunchy freshness of the salad, the sautéed finish of the squids and the shrimp adds a contrast.
  23. 23. R appetizer crayfish bisque “anis and nutty“ fennel | carrot | tomato | hazelnut | Armando Manni “per me“ olive oil This appetizer refers to a bisque and develops this classic into a light direction, reflecting the crayfish, a product, that demands for some fat to bring out it´s aroma to full potential. A demand that the hazelnuts match with nutty notes, embracing the crayfish and adding complexity to the bisque. As well as the aromatic duet of fennel and carrot does, by offering different shades of anis. Finally the tomatoes, that subtly highlight this composition with their acidic freshness.
  24. 24. R appetizer “ creamy” soup of brown lentils quail | falafel | lemon A creamy soup of brown lentils that is accomplished by a playground of textures and aromas: The lemons are served as firm, acidulous lentils made from juice and add a bright citrus kick to the composition, which is carried on by the herbal and slightly nutty falafel, that also adds some crispiness to the dish. The declinational presented quail (breast, rillette and egg) develops the soup´s rich and warm character further by adding a whole bunch of meaty flavors.
  25. 25. R in Between lobster raviolo “citrusy and woody“ butternut squash | carrot | ginger | lime A contemporary raviolo with a herb printed pasta sheet acting like a curtain and - after it is drawn - presenting a “filling” with the lobster as the main actor. The other elements form a delectable dramaturgy changing between citrusy and woody notes, whereat the different preparations of the butternut squash (puree), the carrots (sautée), the ginger (glaze) and the lime (air) allow the dish to be balanced and round.
  26. 26. R in Between papardelle “meaty and mustardy“ oxtail | radish | caper | spring onion | potato | cress By combining many different products this pasta dish seems to follow the concept of culinary pluralism - but only at first sight. At second sight, the dish is straight forward built around the combination of the al dente papardelle pasta and the meaty, succulent oxtail. This combination is brought forward by all the other elements being textural variations of different levels of earthy (potato, radish), briny (caper) and mustardy (cress, radish) aromas. A dish to experience.
  27. 27. R in Between spaghettini “creamy and fruity“ tomato | cream | mozzarella | basil | Armando Manni “per miofiglio” olive oil “ All white ... and a pinch of green“ is the aesthetically background of this in Between dish, pointing out the elegance of the fresh made pasta served with a white foamy sauce and white cubes, that are accented by small dots of green. The culinary theme of this course is very colorful, it is the classic combination of slightly acidulous and fruity tomatoes, full bodied mozzarella cheese and herbal basil, underlined by the exceptional fruity “per miofiglio” olive oil of Armando Manni.
  28. 28. R in Between risotto “earthy and woody“ mushroom | black truffle | walnut | manchego cheese | oak This in Between is a perfectly cooked risotto, balanced between soft, creamy and an al dente nip of the rice. Carried by this the palate experiences rustic yet subtle and also very complex earthy and woody aromas, lingering between mushrooms, green herbs and brownish nutty notes. There is also a gentle presence of smoke, that comes from real oak wood, that we use to infuse the risotto with. The dish is topped with the richness of manchego cheese and black truffles.
  29. 29. R field ´n´ forest vegetable oasis “sweet and earthy” hummus | rice | onion| cress | piment d´espelette | Armando Manni “per me“ olive oil
  30. 30. R field ´n´ forest terrine of tomatoes “refreshing and fruity” heirloom tomato | Lebanese mountain tomato | goat cheese | Armando Manni “per me“ olive oil Minimalistic in presentation, this dish is very pluralistic to experience. The aromatic centre is the tomato, presented in different varieties (Lebanese Mountain tomato, heirloom tomato) and preparations (confit, terrine, granita and fresh). Accomplished by the briny, cheesy goat cheese, acidic pearl onions, a herbal nutty basil pesto and the grassy “per me” olive oil of Armando Manni, this composition develops a fruity and refreshing taste enchanting the palate.
  31. 31. R field ´n´ forest “ baked” labneh filo | butternut squash | garlic flower | cress | pumpkin seed oil Being accomplished by a puree and a soft jelly of butternut squash, fresh picked garlic flowers and mustard cress, the baked labneh is combination of cheesy, earthy and mustardy flavors, all presented as a refined declination of soft consistencies and textural enhanced by the crunch of baked filo dough sheets. And - there is also the extraordinary pumpkin seed oil, presented in a crystal clear “drop“ made from isomalt, a less sweet sugar.
  32. 32. R field ´n´ forest potato field “earthy and cheesy” onion | celery | black truffle | yoghurt A spin-off dish, that images a potato field and focuses on the aromatic caress of two different types of potatoes (blue potato, la Ratte potato) by cheesy and earthy counterparts. The creamy mousse of celery roots and the plain Greek yoghurt lay the fundament for the potatoes aroma to develop, while the onion soil adds a pinch of sweetness and roasting flavors - supported by the earthy complexity of black truffles.
  33. 33. R land ´n´ sea lamb “green and mustardy” pea | mint | artichoke | cress The aromatic centre piece of this composition is the herbal character of the sous vide poached lamb, highlighted by the freshness of a pea-mint coulis crowned by the artichoke, which is prepared in three different ways: chips, sautéed and pureed. While the chips add texture, the puree has a complex “roasted“ aroma, working as a vehicle for the mustardy cress and the wonderful body of the lamb jus.
  34. 34. R land ´n´ sea pigeon “roasted and floral fruity” chocolate | rose | fig | walnut A composition to the point with the pigeon as the protagonist. Served as a smooth rillette and succulent, sous vide poached breasts, the pigeon forms aromatic landmarks on the plate. Between theses landmarks, all the others elements draw a line of varying flavors and textures, stretching from different accents of walnut and the roasted notes of cocoa to the mediating fruity sweetness of figs and the floral breeze of a rosewater-air.
  35. 35. R land ´n´ sea beef “briny and earthy” taggiasca olive | anchovy | potato | mushroom | virgin sauce A dish adapting the famous concept of combining meat and fish in an very unusual and elegant way. The beef tender loin, which is a strictly certified premium cut, is accomplished by “earthy“ elements, such as the creamy potato puree and the sautéed mushroom, while the taggiasca olives and the anchovy tapenade add a briny shimmer, enhancing the meat flavors of the beef even more. The virgin sauce acts as a culinary catalyst, bringing all the elements in balance.
  36. 36. R land ´n´ sea lobster “marine and meaty” oxtail | corn | couscous | orange | coriander Lobster and braised oxtail is a perfect match and a pairing of marine and meaty flavors, that allows accomplishing products to keep their own character, but also to step into an aromatic dialogue with each other. The orange (zest, butter, orange tears) adds a complex citrusy to the dish that is further evolved by the coriander oil and developed into a dense crunchy sweetness by the corn and the couscous. Complex and delightful.
  37. 37. R land ´n´ sea Black grouper “briny and earthy” cress | cream | black truffle | piment d´espelette | parmesan cheese A dish, bringing together different nuances of briny and earthy aromas that enhance the flavor of the black grouper - one of the most wanted fishes of the Persian Gulf. The grouper is shaded by the textural accent of the parmesan chip and the earthiness of the black truffle and brightened by the freshness of the water cress and the spiciness of the piment d´espelette. A distinct and complex dish.
  38. 38. R chef´s specials tangine of Breton lobster couscous | vegetables | raisin | raz el hanout | harisa The tangine of Breton lobster is an homage to the Mediterranean region with it´s wonderful diversity in the styles of cooking. Served in an aesthetically appealing tangine the dish captures the full flavor of the lobster as the stock is used, to infuses the couscous together with harisa. The raz el hanout coated cashews accentuate the flavor of the lobster with a complex spiciness, while the fruity sweetness of raisins mediates all these elements into a long lasting balance.
  39. 39. R chef´s specials kabsa of Canadian lobster basmati rice | onion | Arabic spices | almond | pine nuts Served in a very aesthetically appealing round black cocotte, this special is another homage to the Mediterranean and Arabian cuisine. Here, we find the traditional elements of a kabsa, such as basmati rice, nuts, onions and - of course - spices, aromatically expanded by the meaty lobster and the adding of separately blanched vegetables. A complex dish, elegant and delightful.
  40. 40. R chef´s specials Canadian lobster “Thermidor style” potato | mustard | eggplant | lavender A truly classic dish we have adapted into a new and aromatic extended version. Served in an oval cocotte of the French manufacture Staub, the lobster is surrounded by a wonderful creamy potato puree, the mustardy sauce Thermidor and the rich parmesan cheese. To complement these rich flavors, a first roasted and oven baked eggplant is served as a part element, enriched by lavender, that adds a lingering floral brightness to the all over composition.
  41. 41. R temptation goat cheese “acidic and woody” beetroot | blackberry | mint This temptation is a modern cheese course, combining elements of the sweet and the savory world. The acidic and also dense aroma of the goat cheese is counter parted by the slightly tannic sweetness of the blackberries and the earthy, woody notes of the beetroot, which is executed as jellied caviar-pearls, offering an interesting texture. The gentle lemony and menthol mint granita enlightens all the other flavors and adds a nice crunch as well as a contrast in temperature.
  42. 42. R temptation camembert “mustardy and fruity” apple | green tomato | radish | pearl onion | cress The creamy and aromatic camembert is a cheese, that always needs some acidic fruitiness, to develop his straight aroma into a more complex direction. Here the aromatic multilayered arrangement of green tomatoes (pickled, sweet relish), the green apple (chips, fresh), the pearl onions (pickled) and the radishes (fresh) takes over and caresses the cheese with a duality of sweet and sour notes, bringing it´s flavor to a full bloom - accented by fresh mustard cress.
  43. 43. R temptation surprise “fresh and fruity” sugar | pineapple | coconut | Belgian milk chocolate | vanilla A surprise laying under sweet cotton candy, that is freshly made to order and hides the truly temptation of freshness and fruity aromas bound into a creation of great diversity in temperature and texture. Based on the classic pairing of fruity pineapple (granita) and fresh coconut (panna cotta) the vanilla (jelly) adds a nice round flavor, that is evolved by the chocolate (mousse) into a more complex direction of milky flavors and cocoa and a surprising finish.
  44. 44. R temptation declination of Belgian chocolate “warm and rich” almond | honey | Arabic coffee | black truffle | filo dough The theme of this rich dessert creation is presenting a variety of Belgian chocolate. These varieties range from 38 to 70 percent cocoa content and are brought into perfect harmony by contrasting temperatures (from hot to cold) and textures (melting, creamy, spongy, crunchy) whereat each chocolate is supplemented by another aroma, to vary from olive oil to black truffle. A must for chocolate lovers.
  45. 45. R temptation custard “citrusy and creamy” lemon | orange | apricot | mango Standing straight in a floor of white chocolate soil, this dessert is reminiscent of breakfast eggs. This image is underlined by a salt shaker and by the mouth feel of the eggs: creamy the white, succulent and wonderfully viscous the yolk. But there, the analogy ends. The eggless custard is slightly sweet and milky in taste. The yolks are made from orange, apricot and mango, offering a spectrum of fruitiness, while the lemon sugar (served in the salt shaker) adds a citrus touch.
  46. 46. R petit temptations citrus fruit candies lemon | orange | pink grapefruit Basically the fruit candies are classical preparations but based on the idea of offering a declination of citrusy aromas.
  47. 47. R petit temptations red styrofoam Beetroot By using modern techniques, we have developed a styrofoam like preparation made from beetroot juice, very light and crunchy but flavorful at the same time. Again there is a lot of humor, because this styrofoam looks like packing material and is served on a real styrofoam brick.
  48. 48. R petit temptations napolitains apricot | orange | cummin | black tea | salt | mint | rosemary Napolitains are very small and very thin bars of chocolate, nothing more but also nothing less. The napolitains are based on the principles of food pairing and therefore pair a Valrhona single origin chocolate with different condiments, each of them selected, to accent another aspect of the chocolate´s aromatic spectrum.
  49. 49. R petit temptations coffee ice pops Arabic coffee | cappuccino | Turkish coffee The coffee ice pops refer to coffee by serving different interpretations of the term coffee and how it should be made. By choosing the Arabic coffee, the cappuccino and the Turkish coffee, the ice pops also fit a regional cooking style, that combines both, the Mediterranean cuisine and the Arabian cuisine. Also the ice pops refer to the sixth sense of the diner, remembering him of his childhood spent with plenty of refreshing ice pops.
  50. 50. R petit temptations tiramisu chocolate | espresso | mascarpone cheese this tiramisu consists of a dot of mascarpone cream, a sweet espresso and a mw sponge made of cocoa that is drizzled with almond oil. These elements are served on a spoon and will resemble all characteristics of a classic tiramisu when eaten by the diner.
  51. 51. R petit temptations la Provence “sweet and salty” white chocolate | popcorn | Armando Manni “per me“ olive oil | lavender With this home made praline, we match the saltiness of popcorn with the sweet richness of white chocolate, the herbal notes of the Provence and the full bodied grassy aroma of the Armando Manni “per me” olive oil. A mouthful of savory and sweet enjoyment.
  52. 52. R sweet specials ruebli cake carrot | cream cheese | hazelnut | micro coriander Being executed in a wide range of textures and preparations of the carrot and the hazelnut, this minimalistic yet complex ruebli cake is another contemporary version of a classic. Referring to the guest´s sixth sense the “special“ character of this petit temptation is underlined by using many modern techniques and concepts, such as hazelnut pistachulins or making a carrot mw sponge, using elements of the savory world and plating the cake with a spin-off look.
  53. 53. R sweet specials sweet potato field strawberry | cream cheese | almond | mint Another spin-off referring to a potato field and focusing on the combination of almond, cream cheese and strawberry. The strawberries balance the creamy, slightly citrusy calm sweetness of the cream cheese and the nutty elegance of the almonds with their fruity aroma. The crunchy soil is made from almonds and contrasts the smoothness of the potatoes that are made from almond paste.
  54. 54. R glossary adaption In a culinary context an adaption is a creative technique in which a well known concept, idea or dish is revised and reworked by using other products and techniques. Very often an adaption reflects the characteristics of the original idea or dish, but presents them in a new and different way or context. agar agar (Texturas) Is a vegetarian and heat stable gelling agent, that is obtained by extracting it from red algaes, that are boiled airs Airs are spumous preparations based on flavourful not too fat liquids which are as light as air in texture and can be used for adding a subtle flavour to a certain dish. alginates (Texturas) Describe different gelling agents, that are obtained from different types of brown algae. They react in combination with calcium and form a stable gel. Alginates are used for producing caviars and spheres. Therefore calcium chloride is applied to water. aroma Aroma refers to the flavour of any food product and is one the most essential characteristics. The perception of flavours/aroma is based on the sensory impression of smell and accounts for about 80% of the all over impression of taste. Every aroma we sense may trigger a positive or negative emotion related to previous experiences. apéro Small mocktails that shall welcome and refresh the guest and open his taste buds and quicken the appetite with a slightly acidic note. canapé Are inspired by classic mezzeh or tapas and offer the guest bite sized dishes with aromas he already knows, but are presented in a completely different. carrageneans (Texturas) Is a wide range of gelling agents that are obtained from different types of algae. changing the menu structure by opening and changing the classical set up of the menu, we have the opportunity to underline the characteristics of our cuisine and – by doing so – offer the guest an even more unique dining experience
  55. 55. R glossary chef´s specials A part of our menu relating to Arabian and Mediterranean classic dishes, such as kabsa or tangine, e.g. that are translated and presented in a contemporary way. commercial products and preparations, a culinary concept of using or preparing commercial foods in the kitchen. crumiel (Texturas) Is a honey that is in a crystallized state and can therefore be used as any kind of dry sugar and adds a unique crunchy texture. declination Is a technique or concept presenting one product in different ways of preparation and processing. So a declination offers a product in a wide range of textures, temperatures,… to point out it´s wide range of aromatic characteristics. evolutionary analysis Creating is an evolutionary process – sometimes even revolutionary – and by analyzing our own culinary evolution, we want to structure and collect ideas, methods, concepts and techniques as a base for inspiration and further development of our cuisine. field ´n´ forest A collection of contemporary vegetarian dishes using products from the field and the forest. foams Hot or cold preparation of a food, based on the use of a foam canister (siphon) with N2O cartridges to obtain a light and foamy textured, flavorful mousse. food pairing Is a culinary method for creating new dishes by combining food and products based on the molecular structure of their flavors.
  56. 56. R glossary frappés A technique adapted from the preparation of cocktails, in which ice is crushed together with a liquid in order to obtain a ice water like texture and mouth-feel. frozen powders Preparation of sweet and savoury liquids or purees with high water or fat content, that are first frozen and then transferred into a cold powder by using the Pacojet. gelatin (Texturas) Is the most common gelling agent in the kitchens and is an animal substance formed by proteins, that is extracted from skins or bones from cows. gellan gum (Texturas) Is an extra cellular poly saccharide that is elaborated by a micro organism and is able to form an elastic jelly in the presence of calcium or acids home made pralinés In our cuisine home made pralinés are combining sweet and bitter kinds of chocolate with traditional products from the savory kitchen like herbs, spices and oils. inspiration Is part of our creationary process and is based on taking references from art, nature, culture,… as a source for coming up with ideas for new dishes or culinary concepts. land ´n´ sea A collection of contemporary dishes combining meat and fish or sea fruits (land and sea) lecite (Texturas) Is a lecithin based emulsifier that is extracted from non-transgenic and non genetically modified soy beans malto (Texturas) Is a thickener and emulsifier consisting of a carbohydrate obtained from corn starch molecules, which have been broken down liquid ravioli (spheres) Describe a preparation of food in which a ravioli like presentation is displayed in form of gelatin based liquid. It refers to the traditional ravioli made of pasta, but does not contain flour and eggs.
  57. 57. R glossary mezzeh Is an Arabic term for hot and cold dishes, originated from the Levant area. We have adapted classic mezzeh dishes, developed new preparations and presentations and textures. They are part of the menu itself and are served as the first appetizing bites. minimalism Is a concept based on the idea of using only a few products or elements in one single dish. mock tails A concept offering the guest small shots or frozen bites (nitrous) of acidic and refreshing nature to quicken the appetite. But we also use these preparations as a part of the menu, offering the guest classic cocktails or beverages in a contemporary presentation. mw sponges A technique developed by the chefs of the Spanish avant-garde cuisine in which very lightly textured cakes – savory or sweet – are baked in the microwave. The light texture is obtained by using a foam canister (siphon) with N2O cartridges for charging up the batter. new pasta Is a technique referring to traditional pasta and is not based on a dough made of flour and eggs but on the use of a stock and natural gelling agents. nitro Describes a special technique and method of presenting a foam. It is sprayed into a bath of liquid nitrogen (-196°C) and taken out after only a few seconds. Thereby it is quickly frozen on the outer surface but stays creamy on the inside. oils In our kitchen we use oils with a distinct aromatic profile as a stand alone product. So we treat these oils like any other product and alter it´s presence or texture according to the idea or concept of a dish (powders, soil, gelatin). parallel dishes A concept in which 2 or more dishes repeat the same kind of presentation. pipette Is a tool for presenting one bite sized dishes consisting of one dry and one fluid element. The pipette allows the guest to press the fluid into his or her mouth.
  58. 58. R glossary pistachulin A technique in which nuts are coated with a sugar or croquant in order to obtain an elegant and regular coating. pluralism Is a concept based on the idea of using many products or elements in one single dish in order to give it wide range of flavors and also textures that go well together. powders A technique in which food is transferred into a fine powder. These foods can be of liquid, dry, baked, frozen or gelatinous origin. powders from liquids A technique in which a liquid is turned into a powder. The liquid can be frozen and blended with the Pacojet to obtain a frozen powder. Or, it also can be obtained by drying the pulp that is a side product when making juice. Or it can be a result of drying a puree or juice that was manipulated with gelling agents such as agar agar. product with a soul Describes products and foods that have a very unique and meaningful characteristic in flavor or texture that adds this special value to each kind of preparation dish with a soul A concept for dishes that have to power to remind us of special events or occasions or bring us to places or locations we have been before, triggering powerful memories and emotions. puffs A certain preparation where cereals are first cooked, then dehydrated and then fried so that they puff up. purees coulis Is a technique or method of presenting foods as a soft puree with an intense flavour and a creamy texture. Certain equipment such as the Pacojet allow us to produce these purees without adding any cream or fat. regional cooking as a style refers to the Mediterranean and Arabian cuisine which means, this region and it´s culinary and cultural characteristics is an inherent part of the all over concept of the restaurant. The region along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea inspires the cooking and development of the dishes.
  59. 59. R glossary savory world / sweet world Cooking and/or dining can be classified into the world of savory and sweet dishes. Thereafter the menu is divided into a savory part (appetizers, in Between, field ´n´ forest, land ´n´ sea) and a sweet part (temptation). Sometimes we use elements of both worlds in one single dish. scarf's Sheets of products (baked, semi baked or even a gelatin) that is treated or folded like a scarf. seeds The term seeds refers to the use of the inside of tomatoes, … as a stand alone product in the preparation of dishes. Sprouts do also belong in this category of products. senses we appeal all of the human senses, like see, smell, feel, taste, sound and even we will appeal emotions. sixth sense A concept or method whereby emotions are introduced into out cuisine through means such as irony, a sense of humor, childhood memories, e.g. with the aim of introducing new experiences into dining. The sixth sense might also create one´s ability to enjoy food through intelligence. snacks Snacks are not a part of the menu itself, but to contribute to the guest´s dining experience by offering grissini and condiments to reduce the waiting time at the table but also to create culinary anticipation and enjoyment. spin-offs Is a concept in which food or products are prepared in order to imitate the characteristics and looks of natural things such as soil, rocks and sand spoons Are a concept or method of presenting one bite sized dishes on a spoon. sprouts The term sprouts refers to the use of the sprouts of vegetables or vegetable plants, … as a stand alone product in the preparation of dishes. Seeds do also belong in this category of products. style Refers to the way we present food and the way we develop each and every single dish from it´s very first idea to the final plating.
  60. 60. R glossary synergy Synergy means that the development of our cuisine and our philosophy is a result of the work of creative professionals, who although having a different backgrounds are thinking and acting into the same direction. tapas Is a Spanish term for small hot and cold dishes. We have adapted classic tapas into new preparations and presentations and textures. As appetizing bites they contribute to the chapter before meanwhile and after. technique Describes a certain process or procedure in both, the kitchen and the service, that´s used in cooking, preparing and plating. temptation A term referring to what is generally described as the sweet world. But we also use it to refer to courses presenting cheese and cheese based preparations as the main element. Texturas The name refers to a wide range of products that were introduced into the modern gastronomy some years ago. Before that, these products were used as common ingredients in the food industry for many years and are in use till today. Besides that, some of the products, such as agar agar, are used as cooking ingredients in other cultures for centuries - such as Japan or even Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Texturas we use are agar agar, alginates, crumiel, carrageneans, gelatin, gelan gum, lecite, malto and xantana. texture the texture of a product is recognized inside the mouth and can be described in a wide variety of stages such as: liquid, melting, soft, creamy, chewy, crunchy, hard, dry, dusty,… xantana, xanthan gum (Texturas) is a thickener that is produced by sugar fermentation from corn starch with support of a bacteria, called Xanthomonas