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How to use Geolocation in your webapp @ FOWA Dublin 2010

  1. How to use Geolocation in your web app Raffi Krikorian, Twitter @raffi Future of Web Apps, Dublin, 2010
  2. People want to talk about where they are
  3. People want to discover what’s around them
  4. Location is -
  5. Location is - Context and Relevancy
  6. Location is - Context for production
  7. Location is - Context for consumption
  8. Location is - Globally applicable, locally relevant
  9. When people think of location, they think of a place
  10. Sometimes the actual place doesn’t matter
  11. What makes a place?
  12. What makes a place? 53o20’44.5”N, 6o15’39.7”W
  13. What makes a place? Temple Bar / Dublin / Ireland
  14. What makes a place? Rome or Roma / Tokyo or
  15. What makes a place? WOEID 560743 or twID cd7c17e3e56d7920
  16. How do I get started?
  17. IP-based location
  18. W3C Geolocation
  19. Coalition of the willing
  20. Brokered location
  21. Location databases
  22. But, why?
  23. I’m a user, and I want the future
  24. @Twitter
  25. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz
  26. Associated Press
  27. Thanks!