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Broken Hearts: How Valentine's Day causes global warming


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The talk given at Ignite Boston 5. How people buy a lot of stuff that have a bigger energy footprint than they have themselves.

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  • ’You can show your love without buying stuff’

    one year later, i put up a blog post about this talk --

    the amount of energy and the quantity of resources that are spent making the things we buy for Valentine’s day is immense. most of the things that people buy are resource intensive (think of the amount of energy that must be needed to mine gold or other precious metals for jewelry!), require assembly, and are shipped across the planet. consumerism and globalization have become so easy to do that it has become second place to harm the planet.

    if there is one take away from the story i’m trying to tell, it’s that you don’t have to buy stuff to show your love. it’s all a question of how we want to live our lives. would you rather give a gift that may be simply stored away or eventually thrown out, or would you rather put down your iPhone for an hour and really talk and spend time with your loved one? how about a giving a back rub or a massage? making dinner for some one? it may lead to something better, and you can save the planet at the same time.

    for those that are curious, i made the maps by hand by researching where the materials in the goods come from. the energy labels were generated using WattzOn's embodied energy calculator.
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  • What a great way to express love for earth. Alternatives? How about a good night's sleep. Yes, sex does help one to sleep well and you don't have to pay for that service if you work on it yourself. Remember to turn off the lights too if you love earth.
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  • thanks.. very useful
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Broken Hearts: How Valentine's Day causes global warming

  1. Broken Hearts How Valentine’s Day causes global warming
  2. Commuting 1,738 Housing 1,314 Stuff 413 Flying 9,126 Government 3,314 Food 524 Wattz ! !quot;#$%&'()*)&+,quot;"#+-,.%&$/012)%&3
  3. Where does the“stuff” come from?
  4. 188 x 106 Valentine’s Day cards sent 110 x 106 roses purchased 8 x 109 Necco hearts eaten 35 x 106 boxes of chocolate sold $650 x 106 spent on gifts
  5. Chocolate
  6. Dairy Cocoa
  7. Teddy bear
  8. Oil
  9. Gold and diamond earrings
  10. Diamonds Gold
  11. Lingerie (sorry! no picture! use your imagination!)
  12. Steel Nylon
  13. Roses
  14. Roses
  15. Screwing the planet one present at a time
  16. “Alternatives”