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El paso,tx presentation_rev


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El paso,tx presentation_rev

  1. 1. Business Presentation César Canales / Univisión Radio. El Paso, TX All of the content on this presentation are property of XN3-CITY Multi-Lingual Creative Media Source and are presented with permission and/or under license. This content may not be used for any commercial use without express written permission of XN3-CITY Multi-Lingual Media Source, and possibly other copyright or trademark owners. © XN3-CITY Copyright 2012. All RightsMulti-Lingual Creative Media Source Reserved.
  2. 2. Let Us Drive Beside you Now Audio Production &Voice-Over César Canales / Univisión Radio. El Paso, TXMulti-Lingual Creative Media Source
  3. 3. Dear CésarThank you for your consideration of our company, as a possible alternative toserve your production needs. We sincerely appreciate your interest regardingour services of AUDIO PRODUCTION and VOICE-OVER. We would like to takethis opportunity to provide you relevant information about our business. Welook forward to having the distinction of working alongside a first-classcommunication powerhouse that is Univision. Furthermore, we would like tounsure that, we will do all that is necessary to meet and exceed yourexpectations.SincerelyXN3-CITY ‘s Team
  4. 4. About UsWe are a prestigious Multi-Services Agency, dedicated to providing usefultools to various entities such as:• Private Companies• Governmental and Public Institutions• Advertising Agencies• independent production Companies• MediaOur company is recognized among other things, to provide products andservices of the highest quality in the native language of your choice. Webelieve that our vast experience and professional team will cover the mostmeticulous expectations that their industry demands.
  5. 5. Advantage OverOur CompetitorsWe are Legally established as a Creative Media Corporation in The United States& Mexico since 2008, which means we are always able to provide to yourcompany all Services, Coordination, Advising and legal documentation mayneeds as:• W-9 Form / Tax Identification Number (U.S.)• E-factura / Electronic Invoicing System (Mexico)• Billing separately for each market (If require)• Advertising standards of practices Implementation• Music and SFX libraries Licensed & Authorized by Univision• Bi-Lingual and Bi-Cultural Staff ( English & Spanish )• Univision disclaimers property audio loops used on samples for clients• We Accept all Payments Methods (National & International)• Technical support and total Satisfaction Guaranteed
  6. 6. Production ServicesWe are able to offer your Markets:• Experienced and Professional Production team• Standard Production (spots, special segments, etc.)• Special Production ( Imaging, Promos, Club events , etc.)• Very simple process to submit your order• Download by FTP (Keeping the best Quality)• Wav, mp3 or AIFF format• Highest Resolution and Sound Quality• 24 Hour Standard delivery• Same day Revisions & Emergency delivery All this for Only 695.00 Includes 45 days FREE Service
  7. 7. About Our Commercial Voice-Over Services These are the services we provide: • The best professional native voices • Audio Catalogue with a your choice of a variety of talents • Edited and Finished Voice Tracks • Radio Spots & TV Commercials (up to 60 Sec.) • Very simple process to submit your order • Highest Resolution and Sound Quality • 24 Hour Standard delivery • Same day Emergency delivery • Technical support and total Satisfaction Guaranteed For UNLIMITED Monthly Service Starting from ONLY 695.00Also available per Unit on any other language and Category. Some restrictions may apply in some packages.
  8. 8. Get both Services For aGreat Special Today!! Unlimited Audio Production & Voice-Over Services For a flat monthly payment of ONLY 1,295.00 Plus TaxesRequest 5 SPOTS today as a CUSTOMIZEDDEMO Completely FREE
  9. 9. Comparison Table!!Reach all your audio production goals with a very realistic and sophisticatedstrategy. You would be surprised how many Prestigious Media Companies likeyours, now they are enjoying of a huge savings in payroll and at the same time,increasing dramatically their profits thanks to a first-class finished product, allthis result of a smart investment. Your current average plan Our proposed strategy Amounts based on area or Production & Voice-Over market Included Production Director El Paso,TX Tangible Quality 25-35 K Improvement Production Assist 1 Prod. Assistant 1 On-Time Delivery Prod. Assistant 1 25-35 K K 25-30 Performance 25-35 K Prod. Assistant 2 Production Assist 2 Prod. Assistant 2 100 % Client 25-35 K Satisfaction K 25-35 Guarantee 25-30 K Prod. Assistant 2 Prod. Assistant 2 75–95 K 25-35 K 15.5 K 25-35 K
  10. 10. Our CommitmentWe are dedicated to working hard and are willing to stand shoulder toshoulder beside your team. We will strive to help you exceed yourexpectations of quality, innovation, creativity and deliveries times, as wellas, significantly reduce your budget to below 50% for each market that hasallocated our services.We are fully convinced that at this way, your company will experience apositive and radical change, achieving remarkable results in short-term. Drastic budget savings, better and faster management operationand the most important thing: customer satisfaction regarding theprojection management of their brand.
  11. 11. Learn More AboutAll Our ServicesMost of our services are available in languages ​that are in high demand, suchas, business Spanish and English both spoken in various accents. We alsoprovide services in Portuguese, French, Italian, and Japanese, among others.• Audio Production services• Professional Voice-Over• Jingles and Music Production• Graphic Design• Web Site Design and Development• Translation and interpretation• Creative Services• Corporate Identity Design• Copywriting• Digital Manipulation
  12. 12. Mr. CanalesPlease let Us know if you have any questions or need any other information.Thank you for your consideration of XN3-CITY as a serious choice for youNext Project. We hope to hear from you soon.Antonio CatoClient Service DirectorXN3-CITY Multi-Linguistic Media SourceXN3CITY@ME.COM