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Houses in britain


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Houses in Britain

Published in: Education
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Houses in britain

  1. 1. British housesBritish houses
  2. 2. Detached housesDetached houses ● A single family home, also known as separate house, is a free standing residential building, with a front and a back garden, and sometimes a “carport”. They have two floors and a bow- window.
  3. 3. Semidetached houses ● It consists of two family houses built side by side. ● It is a common type of architecture in the UK and Ireland.
  4. 4. Terraced houses ● They originated in Europe in the late C17. ● It's a cheaper kind of accomodation consisting of a row of identical buildings sharing the side walls.
  5. 5. Cottages ● They are usually set in a rural location and are cosy buildings, sometimes with a thatched roof.
  6. 6. Rose Cottage ● The cottage where I lived in Ireland
  7. 7. Bungalows ● They are single- storey houses that originated in India. ● They are usually small.