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British food


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British food (PPT for beginners A1)

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British food

  1. 1. British food British foodWhat to eat in the UK
  2. 2. Cooked breakfast A cooked breakfast is made up of: Bacon and eggs Mushrooms Tomatoes Sausages Toast Beans
  3. 3. Porridge (Scotland) 0 Porridge is a dish made by boiling oats in milk or water or both. 0 It is served in a bowl with fresh cream and fruit.
  4. 4. Lunchtime A sandwich. 0There are plenty of sandwiches available in supermarkets and cafeterias. 0You can have white or brown bread and choose your favourite fillings.
  5. 5. Ploughman’s lunch 0 It is a cold meal composed of cheese (usually Cheddar), pickle, bread and butter. 0 It is considered a cultural icon of Britain.
  6. 6. Jacket potatoes 0 Jacket potatoes are baked in their own skin and served with different fillings, e.g. cottage cheese, prawns, butter or ham.
  7. 7. Crab sandwiches 0 A fantastic meal you can have in Cornwall, where the fish is always fresh. 0 They are served with white or brown bread, butter, cucumber and salad.
  8. 8. Fish & chips 0 A popular take away food that originated in the Uk around 1850. 0 It is made up of fried fish (e.g. haddock, cod, sole), French fries and garden peas.
  9. 9. Hamburgers and French fries 0 Hamburgers are usually served with French fries. 0 A typical British ingredient is the cucumber. 0 There are bacon cheeseburgers, served with fried bacon and melted cheese.
  10. 10. Cream teas 0 Something you can’t miss if you go to England! 0 Tea is served with milk and accompanied by scones, with strawberry jam and clotted (or Devon) cream.
  11. 11. Scones
  12. 12. Irish coffee 0 It is a hot drink made up of whisky, coffee, sugarcane and fresh cream on the top. 0 It’s very strong and tasty. A pleasure for cold nights.
  13. 13. Cornish pasties 0 They are typically made in Cornwall. 0 Pasties are stuffed with different ingredients, usually meat, onions, cheese. 0 They are served hot.
  14. 14. Beer 0 Beers can be ale, lager, bitter and Guinness or stout. 0 They are served in pubs to people over 18 only.
  15. 15. Steak and kidney pie 0 A typical pub meal, and a British favourite. 0 the steak and kidney pie is pastry stuffed with steak cut into small cubes and kidney . 0 It is served hot.
  16. 16. Roastbeef and vegetables 0 This is the typical Sunday meal. 0 It is made up of roastbeef, boiled vegetables and Yorkshire pudding. 0 It is traditionally served with gravy.
  17. 17. Haggis (Scotland) 0 A dish for the brave! 0 It is of Scottish origin and consists of oatmeal, spices and beef or sheep heart boiled up in a sheep stomach . 0 It is the national dish of the Highlands. 0 By the way, it is not as bad as it may seem…