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Mashery Ap Is Web2ire


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My presentation at the API Wars event on 05March2009 in Dublin.

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Mashery Ap Is Web2ire

  1. 1. web services infrastructure scott rafer, co-founder
  2. 2. our 60+ customers ……and a lot of learning
  3. 3. you focus on your core business we focus on your api infrastructure
  4. 4. without collaboration there is no creation hugh macleod,
  5. 5. the “first mashup”
  6. 6. api - application programming interface what is an api? PROGRAMMING INTERFACE DATA LOGIC PRESENTATION CONTROL WEB APPLICATION
  7. 7. api - application programming interface what is an api? Current Audience Your Application Your Core Service/ Value Your API 3rd Party Applications Audience Growth
  8. 8. we’ll take whatever you can give us launch your api today
  9. 9. mashery api infrastructure 4 components
  10. 10. metrics to optimize results scale your api
  11. 11. how does mashery manage it? the network is more powerful than the node, etc. – hugh macleod,
  12. 12. “the api…has easily 10 times more traffic than the website” biz stone, twitter