Digital Marketing - An Introduction


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A basic introduction to digital marketing and creating digital marketing plans, for a PM Forum Ireland seminar.

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Digital Marketing - An Introduction

  1. 1. Digital marketing plans:Implementation in practice
  2. 2. Digital Marketing - Intro• Should you be on Facebook?• Are you blogging or Tweeting?• What is Web 2.0?
  3. 3. Digital MarketingDigital MarketingChannels BrandingTechnology Customer InsightDM Strategy CommunicationsPlanning & E-MarketingImplementation CRM & Database Management
  4. 4. What is Digital Marketing• How does Digital Marketing drive business value?• What are DM tools?
  5. 5. PushvsPull Marketing
  6. 6. “Most firms view digital marketing as a new way to market, rather than a new way of improving their marketing”
  7. 7. Digital Marketing - Process
  8. 8. Digital Marketing Tools Online SEO Analytics Social Media PPC Podcasting Blogging E-Mail Marketing
  9. 9. Get Found  Create Compelling Content CREATE  Content remains „King‟ CREATE  SEO OPTIMISE  SEM OPTIMISE  SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTE  LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter PROMOTE* Place your footnotes / notes here
  10. 10. Digital Marketing Plan Search Pay Per Click Banner Social Affiliate E-Mail Engine Podcasting Blogging Marketing Advertising Networking Marketing MarketingOptimisation Pay Per Click Podcasting Marketing Search Social E-Mail Engine Blogging Networking MarketingOptimisation
  11. 11. Social Media
  12. 12. Social Media – WHY?1. Start the conversation2. Interesting, Relevant and up to date information3. Extends your digital reach4. Promotes you, your services and website5. Your customers are already there!!
  13. 13. Integrate with:BlogTwitterSlide ShareReading Lists
  14. 14. LinkedIn Companies
  15. 15. Facebook Advertising
  16. 16. Promote Your Social Networks
  17. 17. CONVERT
  18. 18. Calls to action ... VEPA
  19. 19. Analyse
  20. 20. Measurement & Metrics
  21. 21. Analyse• Bounce rates• Time spent on page / site• Pages viewed per visit• Conversion Rates – Goals Achieved (download, signups, register, apply, forms)• Search Engines• Referring Sites
  22. 22. Trend watching
  23. 23. Don‟t Forget your e-mail stats ...
  24. 24. Digital Marketing Plan  Poor Digital Marketing Focus DM SWOTSWOT Analysis  Clients Unaware of Service Range  Niche Specialism‟s to differentiate us Placeholder  Get Found – Create, Optimise, PromoteDM Objectives &  ConvertPriorities  AnalyseConcentrate on those tools that can deliver the most appropriate tools for your sector and audience. SIMPLE – CONCRETE – MEASUREABLE - ACHIEVABLE
  25. 25. Digital Marketing Plan• Devise a Digital Marketing Strategy• Identify Measurable and realistic goals• Understand the range of Digital Marketing• Tools• and finally... walk before you WIKI!
  26. 26. DM Planning Matrix
  27. 27. “There is more similarity inthe marketing challenge of selling a precious painting by Degas and a frosted mug of root beer than you ever thought possible.” A. Alfred Taubman
  28. 28. Marketing likes to do what it did yesterday and what everybody else is doing ...Raphael O‟