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  1. 1. 1.  Connect entrepreneurs to local ecosystems + global investor base 2.  Give ALL investors access to top investments alongside experts Mission: Bring economic opportunity and positive impact to communities around the world through the power of entrepreneurship & early stage investing How !
  2. 2. Results: Leading Investment Growth 9,804 company sign ups 49,621 investors & entrepreneurs $22,222,600 invested in our deals $103,100,000 in live deal flow While our network has grown 600% since August to… In just over 2 quarters of live investment on our platform… 22 Seed & Series A Deals closed
  3. 3. CROWDFUNDER • Companies validating on Kickstarter, then raising investment on Crowdfunder • Industry Brand Name with leading growth: • Deals closed and growth across multiple verticals Leading The Equity Crowdfunding Market $2 Billion Exit Brings Investment Crowdfunding To The Forefront What’s the difference between Kickstarter and Crowdfunder? 9,500 supporters who donated to Oculus Rift via Kickstarter just found out when the company was acquired by Facebook for $2 Billion. They got no return for their $2M+. Had they invested via Crowdfunder, their estimated return ~ 200X. Video: Watch our CEO featured on Fox Business
  4. 4. Success Story: TradeYa 1.  LA community identifies TradeYa" 2.  Deal Trends. Featured to our Network" 3.  Funded in 3 day via strategic investors!
  5. 5. 3 Movements Converging, 1 Company $1.2 Trillion Private Placements $200 Billion Early Stage Investments$30 Billion Venture Investments Millions of businesses around the world are fundraising today… and we are the brand name & scalable global platform for investing and fundraising in the US & Int’l $200 Trillion Long Term Capital (global) Massive Capital Markets Moving Online (JOBS Act, Internet) 2 $5 Billion Exponential crowdfunding market growth now shifts to investment Crowdfunding: Shift towards Investment (Equity, Debt) 1 $200 Trillion Innovation ecosystems around the world are driving activity Global Entrepreneurship Movement (Global Capital & Markets) 3
  6. 6. The Problem Early Stage VCs: global entrepreneurship stifled by broken VC market Access: investing in startups is constrained and not yet online Simplifcation: the investing and fundraising process is long and complex
  7. 7. Our Solution Disrupt Seed & VC: Connect entrepreneurs to local capital, and allow them to accept small investments from many different investors online, both new and experienced Online Investing & Syndication: Provide any investor online access to co-investment among a global network of experienced and institutional investors Guided Process: Subscription service for Entrepreneurs to shape their pitch and deal. Open and collaborative process to Invest with others alongside experienced investors and a community of experts
  8. 8. Leadership Rafe Furst Founder & SVP entrepreneur, investor who has started and invested in over 30 startups that have generated over $1 Billion in revenue and $450 Million in liquidity Chance Barnett Founder & CEO internet entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, 5 internet startups bootstrapped & venture backed over 14 years from inception to millions in revenues, leading online publisher Rita Ravindra Chief Operating Officer Pepe Villatoro CEO Crowdfunder Mexico James Richardson VP of Software Development Joe Cane General Counsel Sean Stoner VP of Technology From Wall Street to Main Street Background ! JOBS Act Leadership Forbes Column
  9. 9. Leading Brand on Web / Google #1 Rank: ‘Equity Crowdfunding’ #1 Rank: Investment Crowdfunding #1 Rank: ‘Investment Crowdfunding’ #1 #1
  10. 10. Market Opportunity Investment Crowdfunding as an Asset Class ! Public Equities! 15,000! Early Stage! 9%! 6,780,000! 27%! Individual Equities Available Annually IRR (30 Year Avg)