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Monetize your SEO


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Ways to earn money online when you've got a website with a good SEO.

Given at the University of Tallinn in January 2010.

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Monetize your SEO

  1. 1. WAYS TO MONETIZE YOUR SEOJanuary 2010 Raf Bruynseels – Laurent Van Dessel
  2. 2. Introduction SEO the last step in web development? Convert SEO efforts into maximization of income Contextual Advertising Affiliate Marketing Read our extended paper at
  3. 3. Contextual AdvertisingWhat? Most commonly SEO monetization method Easy to setup for web publishers Web publisher: pastes snippet of Javascript in page code scans content of page (based on title, url, text content, keywords, …) Result: website visitor is presented highly relevant advertisements
  4. 4. Contextual AdvertisingWhat? Different type of payouts: Pay-per-click (CPC) Pay-per-mille (impressions, CPM) Cost-per-click value of one click on a specific ad Cost-per-mille value of thousan impressions of a specific ad
  5. 5. Contextual AdvertisingPopular advertisement networks Ad network: middle man between the web publisher and the advertiser provide their proper technology Google Adsense (will enjoy our focus) Chitika Kontera Adbrite
  6. 6. Contextual AdvertisingPopular advertisement networks > ChitikaCHITIKA Getting more popular every day Doesn’t scan page content to display relevant ads Displays ads only for search engine users only ad content relates search term Result: visitor sees only advertisements he/she’s interested in CTR increases
  7. 7. Contextual AdvertisingPopular advertisement networks > KonteraKONTERA in-text advertisements CPC lower, but very suitable for high traffic websites Perfectly embedded in content non-obtrusive
  8. 8. Contextual AdvertisingPopular advertisement networks > Kontera
  9. 9. Contextual AdvertisingPopular advertisement networks > AdbriteADBRITE Fairly similar to Google Adsense (see later) Difference: admission policy less strict Also in-line text advertisements
  10. 10. Contextual AdvertisingPopular advertisement networks > Google AdsenseGoogle Adsense Most popular contextual advertising network Very easy to sign up and create advertisements Largest pool of advertisers (signed up via Google Adwords) Strict admission policy (forbidden topics)
  11. 11. Contextual AdvertisingPopular advertisement networks > Google Adsense Creating individual ads to display: Array of possibilities Type (link unit or ad unit) Format (size) Color Channel (to track individual performance) Google creates JS snippet
  12. 12. Contextual AdvertisingPopular advertisement networks > Google Adsense
  13. 13. Contextual AdvertisingPopular advertisement networks > Google Adsense Important to keep in mind Don’t click your own ads (accidents may happen) Don’t ask your friends to click your ads Don’t disclose your earning details in public Violation may result to a Adsense ban
  14. 14. Contextual AdvertisingTweaking your ads Important: keep experimenting Positioning: Above the fold Near navigation / rich content Adsense heatmap
  15. 15. Contextual AdvertisingTweaking your ads Design Large rectangle best performer Color Text color very important Blend within content Blue/Darkblue textlinks related with hyperlinks Text ads > image ads Banner blindness: banners get ignored subconsciously
  16. 16. Contextual AdvertisingTweaking your ads > Colors
  17. 17. What is Affiliate marketing? A method of promoting web businesses Affiliates are rewarded Partnership with an online merchant A win-win-win situationExamples:
  18. 18. Types of affiliate programs Pay-Per-Sale Pay-Per-Lead Pay-Per-Click
  19. 19. Tracking the visitors URL with unique ID Cookies
  20. 20. Promote the advertiser’s products (1) Text-links Poker Eco Edition Playing Cards New $3.70 Poker Guardians Playing Cards Easy New $5.00 Deeplinks Banners Most used Flash banners
  21. 21. Promote the advertiser’s products (2) HTML-advertorials Activity HTML code Product feeds Webshop products Integration Feed file
  22. 22. Product feeds: Integration Processing tool Easy Limited functionality Own script More complex More flexibility
  23. 23. Hands on: Creating a script Product feed Which information to use? Database (MySQL) Insert the products in a table Website Show the products
  24. 24. Questions?
  25. 25. Credits Raf Bruynseels Website: Twitter: LinkedIn: Laurent Van Dessel Website: Twitter: LinkedIn: