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Unit 4 6th LEVEL


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Published in: Education, Sports
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Unit 4 6th LEVEL

  1. 1. Too : Beñat and Iván Thursday 26 th January Subject: school Dear Beñat, My name´s Asier and I live in Vitoria. I´m 12 ears old. I live flat with my mum, brother and dad. My mum is cook and mi dad track driver. My brother is in institute. He´s 14 years old I like play sports: football, basketball, tennis... But I don´t like dancing to music. My brother likes playing football but I don´t like basketball. I play football team in San Martin. I like playing in team in Ariznavarra. I don´t like reading books and doing my homework. Please write to me soon, ASIER
  2. 2. To: MamSubject: School exchangeDear Mam,My name´s Krimo and I live in Vitoria-Gasteiz.I like playing tennis and football. I play for the school football team.
  3. 3. Project file 4, 6th LEVELDear Sara,My name is Maddi and Im 11. I live in the Basque Country, in Spain. I live with my mum,my dad and my sister Nora. Nora is 8. My mum and my dad are both teachers. Myfavorite subjects are Art and Spanish, but I like English too. A part of the school, I alsodo some activities: I have English and French classes and I play the guitar and the piano.I play the guitar with Leire, a friend. My birthday is the 2 may. Ive got many friends butmy bests friends are Shania, Leire, Ángela, Esti, Ainhoa... I like going to the cinema withmy friends, playing with the computer, having a party and watching films. Write mesoon.Maddi Uribe-Etxebarria
  4. 4. To:AbigailSubject: English projectDear AbigailMy names Nagore and I live in Vitoria. Im eleven. I like basket, pelotand a dancis. My mum is a manythings. My dad is a taxi driver. Mybrother is at fifth year in school.Hes like fotball and pelota vaska.I like basketball, fotball and pelotavaska. I play for the school pelotavaska team. My best friend isAbigail.Please write to me soon,Nagore
  5. 5. To:IratiSubject:English proyectDear Irati,My names Uma and i live in Vitoria. Im eleven. I live in a flat with my mum and aunt.My mum is a teacher in yoga. My dad i live in a grapdad flat. My dad is a painter. Mydad jop is a very beautiful. Aunt is a tacher.I play the piano because is my favorite instrument. I like playing sports but myfavorite sports is a basketball. Do you like playing basketball?I like reading books or playing computers games. I dont like doing homework exceptis in computer. I like dancing to music!! My best friend is Nagore an you.Please write to me soonUma
  6. 6. 26th January To: Rafa Subjet: Inglish projectHello Rafa,My names Irati and I live in Gasteiz. Im 11 years old.I live with my mam and my brother. My brother is 14 yeras old and hes nameis Eneko. There is in a institute. He likes playing basketball and he plays in ateam. My mam is teacher.I like playing sports. The sport I like most is basketball. I play in basketballteam and we are the first. I like playing computer games, watching TV andplaying wiyh my friends and with my brother. I like telling jokes. I dont likegoing to the school and do my homework. My best friend is Beñat.Bye,Irati
  7. 7. THURDAY 26th JAUNARI To: David Subject: schoolDear David,My names Aitor and live in vitoria.In eleven.Ilive in aflat with mymun, sister and dad.My mun is a .My sister is at secondary school.Mydad engineer.Hes thirteen.I like playing football and basketball.I play for the school footballteam.Do you like playing football?Idont like a hamework and reading books.I like playing conputer games and playing sport!Mi best friend isKrimo.Please write to me soon,Aitor
  8. 8. adrian to:adrian subjet = english projet my name is Adrian and y i live in Vitoria .my father is aceitunero and my sister is akindergarden teacher in PRESENTACION DE MARIA SCHOOL.I like playing footbal ,tenis,basketball,at my school football game and favorite sport is tennis . ¿do you like playing basketball? ¿Do you like playing fottball? ¿Do you like tennis? I don´t likes playing computer games and a dancing to music. – My best frien is Mikelplease write to me soon , Adrian . THANKS
  9. 9. To: IratiSubject: English project,Dear Irati My name is Miren. I live in Vitoria. I live in flag with my mum,dad anda sister. My mum is a cook.My favorite subject is math. I like computer games, read abook, telling jokes anda gonig tothe parck . I like eating ice creamin summer.I like roll skeyting. Idont like do homework and eatingespinaks..Seeyou next summar
  10. 10. TO: A personSubject:School exchangeDear person,My names Jaione and I live in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Iam 11 years old. I live ina flat whit my mum,brother and sister.My mum is a waitress, my brother is atsecondary school. Hes 14 and hes loveplaying basketball! My sister is at firstschool. Shes 9. Shes like... I dontknow! Shes like many things!I like dancing to music and listening tomusic. But I love talking whit my friends.I dont like doing homework! My favourite school subject is maths andenglish too. I like my city. Is very beautiful! My best friend is Amaia.Jaione SocasLandazuri Ikastola6.Maila
  11. 11. NICOLÁSMy names Nicolás and I live in Victoria.I like playing football and computer game.I live in Victoria. I speak Spanish, Euskera and English.I play for the school rim shot..I like going to a theme park.
  12. 12. To: EmilioSubject: School exchangeDear Emilio,My name is Iván and i live in Vitoria, the green capital of Europe. Imeleven. I live with my dad and my mum. My mum is a secretry and mydad Onces worker.I like playing sports and listening to music. I love playing the guitarand my favourit sports is a basketball and i play for a Baskoniasschool basketball team.I dont like reading books and doing homeworks.My best friends are Asier and Beñat. IVAN