10 best modern furniture selections in Los Angeles


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10 best modern furniture selections in Los Angeles

  1. 1. 10 Best Modern Furniture Selections in Los Angeles:Los Angeles is known for its trendy styles and beautiful socialites. What better way to get with the incrown than to adorn your interior with the ten trendiest modern furniture tips Los Angeles has to offer. 1. Zen Platform BedStep inside your bedroom and enter a sanctuary of peace. Styling your bedroom with a low lying Zenplatform bed is the ideal choice for contemporary living in Los Angeles. Also, the bed is great for sleeppatterns and posture. The best part is you save money because you don’t need to buy a box spring. 2. Standard Sofa with eclectic pillowsNowadays a standard sofa is the way to go. Purchase a plush and comfy sofa in a neutral color like grey,beige or black and dress it up with eclectic pillows. They can be changed when you are bored and inneed of something else.
  2. 2. 3. Patterned armchairPair your perfectly proportioned standard sofa with a patterned modern armchair. It is the trend to makea bold statement with a unique and plush armchair in a different pattern and position it right next toyour couch. This will serve as the highlight piece and you will not have to think about accessorizing yourinterior to the bone. Simple and chic modern armchairs are the way to go. 4. Ottoman with TV trayLooking for an ottoman that will tie the room together, but are you in need of a coffee table? Wellsometimes finding a convertible ottoman for an affordable price can be a little tricky. The simple solutionis to take an oversized ottoman and use it a foot rest and a coffee table all in one. The trick is to buy a TVtray layered with a pattern of your choosing and use that as a place to hold drinks and coffee tablebooks. This is a space saving furniture item that will keep you relaxed and give you a place to hold yourdrink all in one.
  3. 3. 5. Oversized mirrorAdd some depth to your interior from ceiling to floor by leaning an oversized mirror against your wall.You can pick a sleek minimalist design with smooth edges and a long slender shape or you can go boldand select a beautifully carved ornate frame to add dome dramatic décor to any room. Using anoversized mirror is the ideal trend for creating space and admiring your reflection. 6. Contemporary dining table with eclectic dining chairsGo for a contemporary dining table with intricately carved legs. This will give a clean look and add sometrendy spice into the mix. Get even more creative and look for two unique armchairs to place at theheads of the table and compliment it with chic and solid dining chairs that create a perfect combination.Your dining room will definitely be the life of the dinner party. 7. Neo-baroque ChandelierGlam up your dining room or living room corner with a dramatic neo-baroque chandelier. Look for funkyblack or solid white to give your interior an ultra modern appeal as opposed to the standard glasschandelier we all see. Be creative and place this in quirky areas that need perfect lighting.
  4. 4. 8. Glossy dresser / TV standUsing a dresser that can also be used as a TV stand is the ideal way to be versatile and functional withyour modern furniture. Selecting a standard glossy white or black dresser is a great way to have a barecanvas that will hold your precious items. Decorate the base with unique frames, candles and of courseyour LCD TV for the ultimate entertainment/storage unit. 9. Bold benchHave a corner near you entrance that needs a little pick me up? Lavish any bare section of a room with abold modern bench. You can find a bench in any style you desire. If you are looking for something nottoo eye-catching go for a solid black or brown square shape. If your interior can use a little pizzazz, whynot select an ornately carved bench with a padded top or go for pure metallic. A simple fix to a lonelycorner. 10. Chic patio furnitureLos Angeles is known for its sunny weather and exceptionally cool mornings. Take your patio to the nextlevel by treating it to some trendy and contemporary patio furniture. A love seat or a modular sectional,equipped with plush cushions and a small table will tie together your outdoor space perfectly. Entertainguests and watch the sunset or relax with a morning cup of coffee.It’s all about tends, even in the modern furniture world. So the next time you are shopping around, trythinking about the little things that will change your interior in a big way.