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D03 Carlos Alvarez Angel Fernandez y Diego Rodriguez


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Published in: Education, Spiritual, Technology
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D03 Carlos Alvarez Angel Fernandez y Diego Rodriguez

  1. 1. School Visit Bournemouth June 11th, 2014 Carlos Álvarez García Diego Rodríguez Fernández Ángel Fernández Fernández
  2. 2. THE FAMILY Our time with the English culture.
  3. 3. • Sophie: she’s the little girl of the family, she’s only 4 but she’s full of power. • Steve: he’s the family’s leader. He’s really cool and we enjoy a lot spend time with him. • Grace: she’s the mother of Sophie. She’s a really nice women from Basil. FAMILY MEMBERS
  4. 4. THE HOUSE • We’re living in a typical English house with three floors and it’s a nice place to spend our time here, in England
  5. 5. SPENDING TIME • We are most of the time in the British Studies Council but, when we arrive home we enjoy to spend time with our family.
  6. 6. Learning with Sophie • We usually have to read books for Sophie because she’s only four, she can’t read. We also watch TV kid’s programs such as Dora the Explorer or Peppa Pig.
  7. 7. Eating with the family. • We love to eat with a real English family because we mix the Spanish culture with the English one
  8. 8. SEE, THINK, WONDER We’re going to do our experiencing about our house here in Bournemouth
  9. 9. SEE, THINK, WONDER SEE: We see a typical English home THINK: We think it’s a really nice and confortable home. WONDER: What are the diferences between Spain and England?