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Subliminal advertaising


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Subliminal advertaising

  1. 1. Rafael Márquez GarcíaSUBLIMINAL MESSAGES
  2. 2. INDEX What it is History Some cases Studies Associative advertaising Product placement Questions
  3. 3. WHAT IT IS? Motion images No movement images Legal?
  4. 4. HISTORY James Vicary 1957 Lipton Ice APA
  5. 5. SOME CASES Coca-Cola
  6. 6. SOME CASES Disney
  7. 7. STUDIES Wilson Bryan key Lluis Bassat No effects
  8. 8. ASSOCIATIVE ADVERTAISING Cars Cosmetics Home products
  9. 9. PRODUCT PLACEMENT Jurassic park Navy
  10. 10. SUMMARY Imperceptible James Vicary No effects Great controversy Associated advertaising Product placement
  11. 11. QUESTIONS Who did the fisrt experiment of subliminal messages?a) Lluis Bassatb) James Vicaryc) Coca-Cola
  12. 12. QUESTIONS Which trade mark include subliminal messages?a) Nikeb) Sonyc) Disney
  13. 13. QUESTIONS Which film have location advertaising?a) Harry potterb) Lord of the ringsc) Jurassic park
  14. 14. THANK YOUAny question?