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Welcome to-london-


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Welcome to-london-

  2. 2. LONDONLONDON LondonLondon is the capitalis the capital city of England andcity of England and the United Kingdom.the United Kingdom. It’s situated in theIt’s situated in the South East ofSouth East of Engalnd with aEngalnd with a population of 14population of 14 million people.million people.
  3. 3. LONDINIUMLONDINIUM LondonLondon is oneis one of the oldestof the oldest cities in thecities in the world, and itworld, and it was founded bywas founded by the Romans inthe Romans in 40 A.D. and40 A.D. and calledcalled Londinium.Londinium.
  4. 4. CLIMATECLIMATE LondonLondon has ahas a temperate marinetemperate marine climate like muchclimate like much of the British Isles,of the British Isles, so the city rarelyso the city rarely sees extremely highsees extremely high or lowor low temperatures.temperatures.
  5. 5. DISTRICTSDISTRICTS Since 1965Since 1965 GreaterGreater LondonLondon has beenhas been divided into 32 districtsdivided into 32 districts in addition to thein addition to the ancient City of London.ancient City of London.
  6. 6. THE THAMESTHE THAMES LondonLondon has thehas the river Thames,river Thames, which runswhich runs through thethrough the middle of citymiddle of city and it isand it is 215miles long.215miles long.
  7. 7. ECONOMYECONOMY THE CITY OFTHE CITY OF LONDONLONDON is theis the world’s largestworld’s largest financial centrefinancial centre alongside Newalongside New York. It is homeYork. It is home to the Londonto the London stock Exchangestock Exchange and Lloyds ofand Lloyds of London.London.
  8. 8. TransportTransport London public transportLondon public transport include: Londoninclude: London Underground, LondonUnderground, London Buses, River ServicesBuses, River Services and the National Rail.and the National Rail.
  9. 9. The London UndergroundThe London Underground The Underground isThe Underground is also calledalso called “tube”“tube”,, because of thebecause of the cylindrical shape ofcylindrical shape of the system’s deep-the system’s deep- bore tunnels. It hasbore tunnels. It has 276 stations and runs276 stations and runs over 243 milesover 243 miles (408km) of line,(408km) of line, making it the longestmaking it the longest railway in the world.railway in the world.
  10. 10. THE RED DOUBLE DECKERTHE RED DOUBLE DECKER BUSESBUSES The busesThe buses known as theknown as the red doublered double decker busesdecker buses andand railrail networknetwork inin London is veryLondon is very well developed,well developed, frequent andfrequent and efficient.efficient.
  11. 11. TOURIST ATTRACTIONSTOURIST ATTRACTIONS LondonLondon has rich culturalhas rich cultural history but, at the samehistory but, at the same time, it is regarded as onetime, it is regarded as one of the most modern cities inof the most modern cities in the world. The most famousthe world. The most famous tourist attractions are thetourist attractions are the Big Ben, the House ofBig Ben, the House of Parliament, the QueensParliament, the Queens palace, Buckinghampalace, Buckingham Palace, the Tower ofPalace, the Tower of London ecc.London ecc.
  12. 12. THE HOUSES OFTHE HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT 1PARLIAMENT 1 The Houses ofThe Houses of ParliamentParliament is whereis where the two Houses of thethe two Houses of the Parliament of theParliament of the United KingdomUnited Kingdom (Houses of Commons(Houses of Commons and Lords) meet forand Lords) meet for political purposes.political purposes. The oldest part of theThe oldest part of the building dates back tobuilding dates back to 1907.1907.
  13. 13. THE HOUSE OFTHE HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT 2PARLIAMENT 2 On 5th NovemberOn 5th November 1605 Guy Fawkes1605 Guy Fawkes tried to assassinate thetried to assassinate the King and theKing and the parliament membersparliament members in the Gunpowderin the Gunpowder Plot, by blowing upPlot, by blowing up the House ofthe House of Parliament but he didParliament but he did not succeed.not succeed.
  14. 14. BIG BENBIG BEN Big BenBig Ben isn’t theisn’t the clock on the tower,clock on the tower, but just the bell insidebut just the bell inside it. People all over theit. People all over the world can hear itsworld can hear its sound on the radiosound on the radio and TV programmes.and TV programmes. It’s always right,It’s always right, never too fast or toonever too fast or too slow.slow.
  15. 15. BUCKINGHAM PALACEBUCKINGHAM PALACE Buckingham PalaceBuckingham Palace is the official home ofis the official home of the British Monarch inthe British Monarch in London. When the flagLondon. When the flag is put up on the pole, itis put up on the pole, it means that themeans that the Monarch is in theMonarch is in the palace. It is also apalace. It is also a famous touristfamous tourist attraction becuase ofattraction becuase of the Queen’s Royalthe Queen’s Royal guards.guards.
  16. 16. THE ROYAL GUARDTHE ROYAL GUARD Every morning at halfEvery morning at half past eleven people allpast eleven people all over the world come toover the world come to see the changing of thesee the changing of the guards: the capital ofguards: the capital of the Old Guard gives thethe Old Guard gives the Keys of BuckinghamKeys of Buckingham Palace to the captain ofPalace to the captain of the New Guard.the New Guard.
  17. 17. THE TOWER OF LONDONTHE TOWER OF LONDON The Tower ofThe Tower of LondonLondon is a historicis a historic tower in the centretower in the centre of London. Theof London. The Tower’s primaryTower’s primary function was afunction was a fortress, a royalfortress, a royal palace, and a prison.palace, and a prison. Many prisonersMany prisoners were executed inwere executed in this tower.this tower.
  18. 18. THE BRITISH MUSEUMTHE BRITISH MUSEUM The British MuseumThe British Museum contains Egyptiancontains Egyptian collections ofcollections of mummified skeletonsmummified skeletons found in the Pyramids,found in the Pyramids, Greek sculptures fromGreek sculptures from the Parthenon inthe Parthenon in Athens and two of theAthens and two of the four existing originalfour existing original copies of the Magnacopies of the Magna Carta.Carta.
  19. 19. THE NATIONAL GALLERYTHE NATIONAL GALLERY The NationalThe National GalleryGallery is one ofis one of the mostthe most important artimportant art galleries in thegalleries in the world. It alsoworld. It also includes theincludes the collection ofcollection of Italian paintingsItalian paintings found outsidefound outside Italy.Italy.
  20. 20. MADAME TUSSAUDSMADAME TUSSAUDS MadameMadame TussaudsTussauds is ais a museum in whichmuseum in which you can visit waxyou can visit wax sculptures of thesculptures of the world’s mostworld’s most famous people,famous people, past and present.past and present.
  21. 21. THE LONDON EYETHE LONDON EYE The London EyeThe London Eye,, also known as thealso known as the Millennium wheelMillennium wheel was built in 1999, andwas built in 1999, and since then the biggestsince then the biggest observation wheel inobservation wheel in the world. It is 170mthe world. It is 170m high and you can seehigh and you can see the beautiful Londonthe beautiful London skyline from the top.skyline from the top.
  22. 22. THE PARKS OF LONDONTHE PARKS OF LONDON TheThe parksparks are a realare a real part of thepart of the Londoner’s life.Londoner’s life. People often havePeople often have lunch in the parks,lunch in the parks, spend their free timespend their free time and children canand children can enjoy themselves inenjoy themselves in many pools and littlemany pools and little lakes.lakes.
  23. 23. HYDE PARKHYDE PARK Hyde ParkHyde Park is one of theis one of the largest parks in the centrallargest parks in the central London, famous for itsLondon, famous for its Speakers’ Corner. It’s devidedSpeakers’ Corner. It’s devided by the Serpentine the Serpentine Lake.
  24. 24. ST. JAMES PARKST. JAMES PARK St. James ParkSt. James Parkis theis the oldest Royal Park inoldest Royal Park in London and it isLondon and it is surrounded by threesurrounded by three palaces. The mostpalaces. The most ancient is Westminster,ancient is Westminster, St. James Palace and ofSt. James Palace and of course, the best knowncourse, the best known Buckingham Palace.Buckingham Palace.
  25. 25. GREENWICH PARKGREENWICH PARK Greenwich ParkGreenwich Park isis a former huntinga former hunting park in Greenwichpark in Greenwich and one of theand one of the largest single greenlargest single green spaces in South Eastspaces in South East London.London.
  26. 26. WESTMINSTER ABBEYWESTMINSTER ABBEY Westminster AbbeyWestminster Abbey was begun by Henrywas begun by Henry III in 1245. It’s one ofIII in 1245. It’s one of the most importantthe most important Gothic buildings inGothic buildings in the country with thethe country with the medieval shrine of anmedieval shrine of an Anglo-Saxon saintAnglo-Saxon saint still at its heart.still at its heart.
  27. 27. TOWER BRIDGETOWER BRIDGE The Tower BridgeThe Tower Bridge is a bridge closed tois a bridge closed to the Tower ofthe Tower of London which givesLondon which gives it its name. It hasit its name. It has become an iconicbecome an iconic symbol in London,symbol in London, and it’s situatedand it’s situated over the Riverover the River Thames.Thames.
  28. 28. PICCADILLY CIRCUSPICCADILLY CIRCUS Piccadilly CircusPiccadilly Circus isis a famous roada famous road junction and publicjunction and public space of London’sspace of London’s West End in the CityWest End in the City of Westminster. Itof Westminster. It was built in 1819 towas built in 1819 to connect Regentconnect Regent Street with the majorStreet with the major shopping street ofshopping street of Piccadilly.Piccadilly.
  29. 29. TRAFALGAR SQUARETRAFALGAR SQUARE Trafalgar SquareTrafalgar Square isis a square in Londona square in London and its nameand its name commemorates thecommemorates the Battle of TrafalgarBattle of Trafalgar (1805), a British(1805), a British naval victory of thenaval victory of the Napoleonic Wars.Napoleonic Wars.
  30. 30. THE ROYAL FAMILYTHE ROYAL FAMILY The British RoyalThe British Royal FamilyFamily lives inlives in England and residesEngland and resides mainly in London atmainly in London at Buckingham Palace.Buckingham Palace. The Royal family isThe Royal family is formed by Queenformed by Queen Elisabeth II and herElisabeth II and her husband Philip, Dukehusband Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, theirof Edinburgh, their son Charles, and hisson Charles, and his two sons William andtwo sons William and Henry.Henry.