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Published in: Sports, News & Politics
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  1. 1. My name is Irati. At the weekends, I like playing table tennis with Gabriela. I like going to cinema, too. I don’t like beach! My favourite activity is going to the museum, there’s a fantastic art museum in Gasteiz. By Irati and Gabriela
  2. 2. What I like doing at the weekends: At the weekends I like rollerskating And painting pictures.I don’t like Dancing and reading comics. My favourite activity is going to museum And listen to music. By Tatiana and Izaro B.
  3. 3. Our`s names are Joseba Iker I. We like playing football with our´s friends and playing frontennis. We don’t like study. Our favourite activity is watching football. Our favourite clubs are Athletic Club and Deportivo Alaves. BY IKER I. AND JOSEBA VS
  4. 4. What I like doing at the weekends My name is markel. At the weekends I like playing football whit my friends. I don’t like playing tennis. My favourite activity is whacking football. My favourite teams are Barcelona, alaves and Bayer the Munich. My name is mikel. At the weekends, I like listening to music with my friends. I don’t like dancing. My favourite activity is playing basketball. By markel and mikel My name is Imad .At the weekends ,I like playing football with my friends .
  5. 5. I don`t like talking pothos and I like collecting stikers. BY IMAD AND IZARO
  6. 6. My name is Vova. At the weekends, I like playing football with my friends. I like basketball! My favourite is going to football. Our names are Naia and Hodeia
  7. 7. At the weekends we like playing to friends. We like going to the beach too. We don,t like football Our favourite activity this swimming… By Naia and Hodeia My name is Natalia .At the weekends, I like painting pictures
  8. 8. I like playing football I don’t like shopping. My favourite activity is dancing There’s a fantastic roller-skating . What y like doing at the WEEKENDS.
  9. 9. My name is SAMIR.At the weekends,i like playing football with my friends.I like playing football, too.I don ´t like rollerkating ¡.My favourite activytis my friends.There ´s fantastistic .F.C.Barcelona.There are of interesant things To ingurune. SAMIR AND MORAD
  10. 10. Project My name is Uxue . At the weekend ,I like reading comics and talking to friends.I don t like rollerskating .My favourite activity is painting pictures.There are lots of interesting things to and it s really cool. Wafa. Uxue.