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Rafa unit 4

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Rafa unit 4

  1. 1. PROJECTS 4th LEVEL
  2. 2. cleaner My mum is a cleaner. She works in a house. She doesn’t wear special clothes. She cleans houses No help people She Works from Monday to Friday
  3. 3. By Gabriela and irati
  4. 4. IN MY FAMILY MY AUNT H AS GOT TWO JOBS. My aunt is a teacher and renovator. She works in a Zuaza and Barcelona. She wears a uniform. She works eight o’clock to eleven o’clock and eight o’clock to eight o’clock. This is for Ohiane. For Hodeia and Naia
  5. 5. MY AUNT My aunt is an ambulance driver She helps people . She wears a uniform. She doesn´t work police officer.
  6. 6. My project My teacher is Puri She works in my school She wear a white gown She works half past nine to five o´ clok
  7. 7. PEOPLE WHO WORK IN MY TOWN FIREFIGHTER The fire fighter works in my town, in the fire station. He wears special clothes. He works every day. He helps people and animals. He’s work is very important whit he saves people. The fire fighter is one person work in my town. He drives a special car. He fights the flames. By markel and joseba
  8. 8. My mum works a restaurant is cook and water She works in a restaurant. She wears an uniform She works from 9 to 5 Frown Thursday to Friday Natalia and Kinsa
  9. 9. MY FATHER Mi father is a cook He works in a kitchen He wears a uniform He works with people He works from Monday to Friday By Mikel
  10. 10. PEOPLE HOLP HELP TOWN MY My brother is a firefighter. She works in a firefighter. She wears a uniform isn´t a police car. She works from September to juny. She work help people. The car is a firefighter car. Firefighter fights the flames. The flames is the car,house... SAMIR AND MORAD jobs and routines
  11. 11. my sister is a shop assistant she works a restaurant she is a waiter she works from 2 to 12 WAFAA AND UXUE
  12. 12. PEOPLE WHO WORK IN MY TOWN: My dad is a teacher, He works at the school in the out the town. He wears a uniform. The building is brouw and black. He works from thursdey to friday. .For Iker andvova