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Rafa unit 2

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Rafa unit 2

  2. 2. Ane Barrantes. NEW YORK New york is in USA.Flag is blue and white. It`s hot in summer but in winter it is very cold.The flag is ,blue,red and white. In New york eat 500.000 burgers per minute.
  3. 3. PERÚ Peru is a beautiful country of south america. The capital is Lima.In summer it´s very hot and in winter is warm. Flag is red and white.In Perú is Machupichu, is very big mountain. Many food is from perú.Tomatoes, potatoes, beans...
  4. 4. Amaia arbina china china is in Asia.It´s a very big country . It´s cold in winter and hot in summer. It rains a lot in the south.Rice and tea are from Cina
  5. 5. LONDONN The London is the city of england and of the u.k. Is the big city.The flag is red, blue and white. It's reinig in whinter and hot in summer.
  6. 6. Ane 2013ko azaroaren 8a Argentina Is in south America .It´s a very big country .In the south it´s cold all the time. It´s hot in summerand cold in winter. food Apples,grapes and wheat are from Argentina
  7. 7. Portugal portugal is in the sout h of europe it´s hot in summer and cold in winter . A food of portugal is potatos ,tomatos and grapes.
  8. 8. L.A. (Los Angeles) Los angeles is a very big city. Is so dirty and the people only use the car.There is Beverly Hills in Holywood.Santa Monica is very beautiful place . Venice beach is so beautiful too. There is a funfair what is called Six Flags.
  9. 9. Oihane López Italy Italy is in the south of Europe. Roma is the capital and is famous because there are some archaeological rests. The flag is green, white and red. It’s hot in summer in the south and very cold in winter in the north. Pizza, pasta and tiramisu are from Italy.
  10. 10. japan Japan is an island in Asia. The capital of Japan is Tokyo. They eat sushi and rice. It's cold all the year.
  11. 11. Mikel 2013/11/8 Bolivia Bolivia is in the south of america. Bolivia is small. The Bolivia food is rice and potatoes. Is cold in winter and hot in summer. Bolivia flag is red ,yellow and green
  12. 12. Nora uribe-etxebarria 9th November of 2013 Paris Paris is a beautiful city. Paris is the capital of France. It´s a big city. The Eiffel tower is in Paris and it´s one of the most important towers in the world. The flag of France is blue white and red. The crepes are from France. I have lived in Paris for 6 months.
  13. 13. japan Japan is Asia.It´s famous for technology .The weather is sunny and very hot. The flag is white and red. 日本国 Nihon-koku Nippon-koku Estado de Japón Bandera Sello

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