Rafa unit 1


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Rafa unit 1

  2. 2. Unit 1 Bugs band project Maider Almudena Cid Almudena Cid is a famous rhythmic gymnast. Sometimes she goes on television She eats ice cream and pizza. She went to the Olympics and participated in 4 finals. Now it is a TV show and is learning to do magic. She says she wants to be an actress.
  3. 3. CARLOTA BOZA Carlota in an actress. Born in Madrid, the day May 16,2001.Works in the serie “la que se avecina”.In the series she makes the oldest daughter. She has two younger brothers.She Is a famous for series. She was to bean actress over the 4 years. LAURA
  4. 4. IRIBAR His complet name is jJose Angel Iribar. His nickname is el txopo.,his from zarauz he was a football player. He played in Athletic club . He w.as a very good goal keeper . He had a lot of zamora premiums,for the best goalkeeper
  5. 5. Rafa Nadal Rafa Nadal has from Spain. He is a professional tenis player. He is considered one of the greates players of all time. He born 3 June 1986. Nadal`s mastery of other tennis surfaces has become evident in recent years. He only the first tennis player.
  6. 6. PARK JAE-SANG PSY He´s from in Seul in Corea. In his free makes a videoclips and he usually plays singing and playing music. He´s singer, singer, prudactor and dancer. time he always music. He likes conpositor, rap
  7. 7. RISTO MEJIDE Risto mejide is a jury in tu si que vales and operación triunfo. In his free time he goes to the gym. He lives in Barcelona. Risto when his was young his changes his name.
  8. 8. Project Unit 1 Brian Johnson Brian Johnson is a singer. He's from Dunston in England. He's born in the 5 October of 1947. He sings in AC/DC Band. E
  9. 9. FERNANDO ALONSO DIAZ Fernando Alonso Diaz born in Oviedo in the 29 july 1987. He likes karting since he was young. His mother worked in one store and his father worked as a mechanic in a explosive factory. Alonso started in karting from the age of 3. He won three consecutive karting championship in Spain from 1994 to 1997, and he became world karting champion in 1996. His nichname is ‘EL NANO’ that is a typical pseudonym in Asturias.
  10. 10. Rafa Nadal Rafa nadal is a player tennis He's from manacor in the spain He always plays tennis He usually goes to the gym He's usually trouses and t shirt a trainers .
  11. 11. MELENDI Melendi is an singer. He's from lowa is the Spain. In her free time he sometimes goes swimming and he usually play football. He likes photography, reading and singing too. He always trouses and t-shirt and never wears skirt.Her favorite food is fish.
  12. 12. ANDRES NOCIONI Andrés nocióni is in November 30, 1979) is an Argentine professional basketball player who plays for Laboral Kutxa in the Spanish Liga . ACB Is season an NBA 2004 to 2012 in Chicago- bulls and Sacramento . kings In natural position is small forward.
  13. 13. Michael Schumacher Michael Schumacher is an former racing driver from germany. He always rancing on f1 and he sometimes participated in a charity event organized by Clarence Seedorf in which supported to education in Africa and became a tribute to Nelson Mandela African.he usually at renault and ferrari teams.her faviritefood is amburges.