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  2. 2. DESERT DESERT when the air is dry and there is no rain. Some desrt are very big. The Sahara desert in africa is bigger than the USA. Desert are not always hot. The gobi desert in Asia is colder than the UK in winter.
  3. 3. different deserts As you know, deserts are hot and cold, today Iam going to teach one in. Sahara desert is very hot, is in Africa and is bigger than the U.K., people living in Sahara is blacker than we. Gobi desert is very hot, is in China and Mongolia (Asia) in day is hotter than night, is diferrent desert. SAHARA and GOBI DESERTS
  4. 4. Balear island balear island is smaller than the canaria island. The capital of balear island is mallorca. Balear island is on mediterranean sea. In balaer island thers a six irlands and this irlads is :Mallorca ,Menorca Cabrera, Formentera,Ibiza and conejera
  5. 5. Desert the desert form when the air is dry and there is no rain the sahara desert is very big, sahara desert is in the africa
  6. 6. NIAGARA FALLS WATERFALL. Niagara falls are between Canada and USA. There are three waterfalls. Niagara falls are higher than Gulusi. Nigare falls is big and is beuthifoul.
  7. 7. EVEREST The Everest mountain taller than Teide mountain.Everest mountain is the tallest mountain in the world. Everest is 8.844,43m tall.The Everest mountain is between Nepal and China. The people who lives there are called Sherpas.
  8. 8. Canaria island Canaria island is smller than the Spain The capital of canaria island is Tenrife and Kanaria Handia.The peole speak Spanish. Canaria island is very beatufel.
  9. 9. Gobi desert Gobi desert is colder than Sahara desert.In Gobi desert lives a lot of animals:Camels,bears...
  10. 10. MIKEL 2014/4/4 Canaria Islands The Canaria Islands are next to Africa The Canaria Islands are Hierro, Gomera ,Las Palmas,Tenerife...
  11. 11. BALEARIC ISLAND BALEARIC ISLAND is near the eastern coast of the iberian penintsula. The four largest islands are: Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera. The balearic island is smaller than kanaria island.
  12. 12. Ane 2014ko apirilaren 8an Glacier Glacierare like river for ice.Glacier form when snow in high mountains changes to ice.There are glaciers in the Rockiers,the Alpsand the Himalaya Mountains. There are also glaciers in the Artic and Antarctica.
  13. 13. HIMALAYA MOUNTAIN Himalaya mountain form when is it veri cold and bigger.Himalaya mountain range is home to the planet's highest peaks.
  14. 14. canariar islands canariar islands are bigger than balear islands the capital of the canariar islands is santacruz de tenerife and las palmas de gran canaria the islands is las palmas , gomera ,gran canaria ,tenerife fuenteventura and lanzarote.
  15. 15. sahara desert the sahara desert is hot in summer and colt in winter.It is the largest desert in the world .