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The new guide to start affiliate marketing in NEURS.


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The new guide to start affiliate marketing in NEURS. It will help you sign up quickly and easily.

Discover the affiliate marketing program that has NEURS is for everyone, beginners and experts in marketing.

NEURS has today already has more than 250,000 users, 5 times more users than LinkedIn in its first year. It has members in 193 countries, has more than 44,000 members and charter members in 44 countries.

Currently NEURS is the most lucrative affiliate marketing system that exists.

In this guide you will find a quick and visual way of registering, browsing the web, the way to create contacts and start referring your own contacts to the platform and make money for it.

To sign up as an affiliate and start NEURS to make money, copy this link.

The affiliate program in NEURS.

NEURS. The company created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

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The new guide to start affiliate marketing in NEURS.

  2. 2. INDEX This guide will show you how to get started, how to use and maximize your account & how to earn income by becoming a NEURS Where to register How to complete registration Setting your password and reviewing the tutorial How to navigate the site How to upload a photo How to create a profile How to make connections How to upgrade your membership How to become an Affiliate How to set your Affiliate links How to invite friends to NEURS How to use the income calculator PG 3 PG 4 PG 5 PG 6 PG 7 PG 8 PG 9 PG 10-11 PG 12-14 PG 15 PG 16 PG 17
  3. 3. SET UP FOR SUCCESS Now that you’ve been invited… Click the link on the homepage to register as an Entrepreneur or
  4. 4. GETTING STARTED Follow these simple steps to set up your account and get on track to making connections around the globe! 1 2 Fill out your A basic Information form will appear. Fill out the corresponding fields. Complete The profile questionnaire You can choose to skip this step but we strongly recommend you do this as quickly as possible. Basic Information The questionnaire will help you Appear in searches made by members Get matched with your ideal business or target audience depending on your account. Determine your Probability of Compatibility for Profitability with your personalized PCP Score
  5. 5. GETTING STARTED Follow these simple steps to set up your account and get on track to making connections around the globe! Check your email to set your password Watch the tutorial for a step by step guide
  6. 6. NAVIGATION Use the Dashboard Tabs for shortcuts to key pages. Here’s how it works. logo from anywhere on the site to get back to the dashboard. Access Videos, PowerPoints & PDF’s by clicking your name, then select ‘Member Resources’ Click on the Use the dashboard toolbar to quickly navigate throughout the site.
  7. 7. 2 UPLOAD A PHOTO Upload a profile picture Images have been proven to dramatically increase conversion and connection rates. Click the 'Photo‘ tab, then click the 'Upload Photo’ button. Once you have selected your photo, click ‘Save’. 1 2 Click on your name from the drop-down menu on the top-right of the page. Then select ‘Account Settings’ 3 You can upload multiple photos. Choose your desired photo by hovering over the image and clicking the ‘Select’ button.
  8. 8. COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE You can create multiple profiles! Each profile can be unique with different photos and questionnaires. Select ‘Providers’ then choose ‘Create provider profile’ Complete your profile Showcase your business, service or opportunity. Create offers/ requests to grow your Business. You can choose to skip this questionnaire but we strongly recommend you do this as quickly as possible. 2 Click on the Connections Tab Your profile will help you Appear in searches made by members. Fill out your information and complete the questionnaire 1
  9. 9. START MAKING CONNECTIONS Start making worldwide connections by posting offers or requests and get your business off to a fast start! Click the ‘Connections’ Tab > Select ‘Offers and Requests’ > Then select, ‘Create an Offer or Request’ In order to preform targeted searches for entrepreneurs or providers you will need to UPGRADE your account.
  10. 10. ACCESS MORE FEATURES Upgrade your account to Full Access! Benefit from additional Features Features and Credits With your current trial account the actions you can preform on the site are limited. The Full Access account is a one time payment for 15,000 credits Entrepreneur and Provider accounts are on a monthly basis. Click your name from the Dashboard, then select ‘Upgrade Account’ Then Click ‘Purchase’
  11. 11. Enter your billing information Now as a Full Access Member you can: Use all features on the site Maximize your Business growth and potential Act as a Provider and an Entrepreneur MEMBERSHIP PLAN UPGRADE and begin enjoying the benefits of becoming a Full Access Member! Add your credit/debit card information or sign into your PayPal account Once you’ve completed the information, click ‘Upgrade’
  12. 12. BECOME AN AFFILIATE PARTNER Want to get paid for referring your friends to NEURS? UPGRADE to an Affiliate account and we’ll compensate you for every person who becomes a paid registered user! Or Click the ‘Upgrade now’ button at the top of the invite page Click ‘Credits and Upgrades’ from the Left dashboard toolbar As a Basic Affiliate your compensation is limited to only direct referrals By UPGRADING to Affiliate Partner you substantially enhance your NEURS income and growth opportunities!
  13. 13. BILLING INFO Select your payment type. Be sure to check your email for payment notification. Select the ‘$79 Signup Fee’ button. xxxx xxxx Enter your new card info and click ‘Add’ Select from an existing account on file or click ‘Add a new card’ Then click ‘Next’
  14. 14. COMPLETE UPGRADE Complete the corresponding fields. Be sure to check your email for a link to your receipt. Complete additional information Click the ‘Capital’ tab & select ‘Previous Statements’ To view your invoice Then click ‘Finish upgrade’
  15. 15. Click the tab labeled ‘Affiliate’. Choose your link title by typing it in the blank text box and then click ‘Save’ Your links will be automatically generated. You can return to this page to copy your links to share on the web. AFFILIATE LINKS Now that you are an Affiliate, Setting your links is easy as 1,2,3 … take a look! Note: You must upload a profile photo in order to set your affiliate links. In the top right corner of the dashboard, click on your name then select ‘Account Settings’
  16. 16. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS Input the person’s first name, last name and email address Select the type of invite you’d like to send Select their language Add a personal message Click invite Click the import button to import your contacts from Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook Yahoo and Live accounts      Send your friends a quick email invitation We’ll compensate you for every person who becomes a paid registered user!
  17. 17. REFFERAL FEE CALCULATOR Project your future earnings over the next 12 months See how quickly the power of your Reach can generate a substantial residual income. Access this tool by clicking the ‘Capital’ tab. Then select, ‘Referral Fee Projection’ Remember: In order to receive all 30 levels of compensation, you must have an Affiliate Partner account.
  18. 18. CONGRATULATIONS You are now equipped with everything you need to start, build and grow your business! Should you need assistance or support, please visit