Rerum novarum


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Rerum novarum

  1. 1. RerumNovarumPope Leo XIIIMay 15, 1891
  2. 2. Themes The Situation of the Poor and Workers Rejection of the Socialist solution to poverty The Three-Fold Solution
  3. 3. Introduction The Spirit of Revolution in the field of Capital and Labor is on everyone’s mind. Truth and Justice: rights and duties. Protect workers who are suffering.  Wealth is in the hand of few – creates new kind of slavery.
  4. 4. I. Socialism’s Answer Removing of private property (wrong) Property or Capital is simply wages. Private Property is a natural right.  Long term possession of caital  Fruit of one’s labor belongs to them God allows Private Property  9th and 10th Commandment
  5. 5. II. The Role of the Church Material equality is not possible or even beneficial to society Suffering and sacrifice Capital cannot do without labor, nor labor without capital Duties of a worker  Do the work agreed upon well  Never to injure the property or person of the employer  Never to engage in violence or disorder  Do not associate with hucksters
  6. 6. II. The Role of the Church Duties of the wealthy owner and the employer  Dignity of the worker  Worker’s religion ought to be kept in mind  Do not overly tax employees  Do not employ people to labor unsuited to their sex and age.  Just wage Riches are an obstacle
  7. 7. II. The Role of the Church Poverty is no disgrace True value of a man is not wealth, virtue. Spiritual needs of the people. Charity work
  8. 8. III. The Role of the State Laws must be enacted for the common good and for private property Make men better Protect men’s soul Labor is personal and necessary.
  9. 9. IV. Role of the Unions orAssociations Protect Private Good Protect itself and society Betterment of its members
  10. 10. Conclusion The main thing is the need for Religion, for only the Gospel can destroy evil at its root. The Church will always be found to help the society. Blessings.
  11. 11. Recommendations Facilitate seminars and workshops that will promote a good relationship between workers and employers. Encourage saving of money for future use. Strive to be better. Include moral in the working place.