The essential guide to creativity and enterprise innovation


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The essential guide to creativity and enterprise innovation

  1. 1. The Essential Guide for Creativity and Enterprise Innovation Rafael WONG Chi Hao
  2. 2. When it comes to creativity and innovation, are these what you think of immediately?
  3. 3. We’re NOT
  4. 4. Except big advances in computer- computer-related areas, innovation innovation had actually “stalled
  5. 5. “Creativity ”, no longer “operational excellence”, as the No.1 “leadership competency” of the future
  6. 6. Nurturing organizational creative ability
  7. 7. Wait… do you know there is between creativity and innovation…?
  8. 8. Creativity refers to as the capability of conceiving something original; (e.g. brainstorming lots of new ideas); Creativity refers to the capability of brainstorming original ideas
  9. 9. The difference between creativity and innovation is not the only misconception
  10. 10. • Keith Richards
  11. 11. ... to track down the origins of creativity
  12. 12. Our consciousness is spent reacting to others’ requests requests during awake hours
  13. 13. Bureaucrat-minded management gurus outsourced many of the manufacturing processes and cutting budget on R&D to pump up short-term profits