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Paloma's documentary


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Paloma's documentary

  1. 1. A school day in my life By Paloma Lambert
  2. 2. In the morning…• I week up at 7:30• I brush my teeth, and I have a big glass of milk, and cookies for breakfast.• And then I get dressed..
  3. 3. When I go to Costa i Llobera...• I go to school on my father’s motorbike.
  4. 4. In Costa i Llobera...• On a typical day in Costa i Llobera I do:• Maths• English• Playground• Music• Spanish• Assembly• Playground• PE
  5. 5. When I go home...• I do my homework
  6. 6. In me free time...I watch television, then I read a bookfor a while.
  7. 7. At last...• I have dinner. At last I go to sleep.
  8. 8. When I sleep...• When I sleep I dream about:• Fantasy.• Adventures.• And about my book.
  9. 9. By: Paloma Lambert Bardaji