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  • Mercedes-Benz has created multiple “popemobiles” for several Popes to allow them to be more visible when greeting large crowds.
  • Not very flashy. All commercials are oriented around qualities and features of vehicle as well as luxury look.
  • Used to focus on heritage and reliability. Now, expanded to many audiences and
  • It’s not that MB lost it’s wholesomeness, it is now branching out to new audiences
  • Heritage, were the best
  • Perfection, we know what were doing, offers
  • Mercedes benz

    1. 1. By Raven Rodriguez
    2. 2. Introduction ● The purpose of my case study is to show that Mercedes-Benz as a brand and company has worked successfully to advertise to many different target audiences, as well as to build value with their customers. ● I chose Mercedes-Benz because they are one of the the finest automobile companies in the world and they are one of the ultimate contenders for mass-production of quality cars. ● Their long-lived prestigiousness and superiority is appealing to me. ● Did you know, in 1886, Carl Benz invented the first automobile?
    3. 3. Background Information ● Mercedes-Benz got it’s name from founders Karl Benz and Emil Jellinek, whose daughter’s name was Mercedes. ● Though Mercedes-Benz Corporate headquarters is located in Stuttgart, Germany, they have manufacturing facilities in seventeen countries and five continents. ● The Mercedes-Benz brand image has become synonymous of the world’s most innovative car brands, at the same time, it is also the brand which has the world’s highest brand awareness and value-added. The three pointed star represents the three branches of motorization, land, sea and air, as well as the three commitments that reflect the brand; superior technology, comfort and style.
    4. 4. Marketing Strategies Slogan: “Das Beste oder nichts” ● Their successful marketing strategy is based on integrated marketing and brand expansion. ○ Modernized it’s brand image and directs customer approach very specifically at relevant customer target groups. ● Differentiated sales formats for individual customer contact at retail level. ● Good locations, easily accessible, distinguishable building designs. ● Their goal is to be recognized not only as a means of transportation, but comfort and luxury as well. Their advertising includes all forms of advertising media. Television, Radio, Print, Internet, Direct, Signage, Product Placement, Mobile Devices, Sponsorships, etc.
    5. 5. Theoretical Underpinning ● Mercedes-Benz is in the maturity stage of it’s life cycle and uses types of promotional advertisement that aim to retain and remind customers of their brand loyalty. ● Being known for it’s top quality, Mercedes-Benz focuses primarily on the cars’ promise of excellent technology, and benefit of top-of-the-line performance, as well as heritage.
    6. 6. Exhibition Faithful Driver
    7. 7. Exhibition A-Class TV COmmercial “Pulse”
    8. 8. Exhibition
    9. 9. Exhibits
    10. 10. Case Description During my research I have found there are many reasons why Mercedes-Benz has been a prosperous company with successful marketing campaigns throughout the years. ● They offer consumers: Technology that makes the car even better & more pleasant to drive than “lesser” models. o Usually are the first to make the newest innovative technology available. o Quality that is second to none. o Everything about the car is finely detailed and well thought out. o Reliable, quiet to drive, and not any worse on fuel than engines of the same size. o Their reputation alone makes them desirable.
    11. 11. Conclusion ● There are a couple of different techniques from the marketing campaigns Mercedes-Benz has used that make them a successful company even though they sell their products at high prices. o They stick with their target market, middle aged people of middle to high incomes. o They do not produce low priced vehicles, effectively cutting off consumers with low income). o They target both males and females and design cars to fit accordingly. o Within their designated target market, they branch off new ideas to appeal to different personalities and lifestyles. From Mercedes-Benz advertising, we can learn that if you stick to your target audience, and meet consumer expectations with consistent results, you will have a successful company.
    12. 12. References es/about_us/companyinfo The_Mercedes_Benz_Brand_And_The_Three_Pointed_Star.html 5-7153-1-1617988-1-0-0-0-0-0-9293-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0.html
    13. 13. Thank You