How to create board games


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How to create board games

  1. 1. How to create and use board and cardsgames?
  2. 2. Board games can be a useful and readyasset for the ESL classroom. Most requirelittle to no preparation, and with a littlepatience, your English learners add a newresource to their language studies. On topof all that, board games are a fun way tolearn new vocabulary and make a changefrom the normal routine.
  3. 3. Here are some tried but true board gamesthat many ESL classes have enjoyed:-Scrabble-Upwords-Bananagrams-Scrabble Slam-Scattergories-Catch Phrase-Taboo-Balderdash-Jenga-I-Spy Books
  4. 4. When to use it? To review after aunit To review for a test To introduce theelement ofcompetition in class To provideopportunities forkinesthetic andtactile learners
  5. 5. Instructions1.-Make up a theme for the game. It could based on adventure,business, family life or something else. The object could be toreach a goal before the other players, or to eliminate them insome fashion.2.-Create the rules of the game. Write them down for yourplayers to study.3.-Design the board on paper first. Decide how many spaces willappear on the board and what will happen on each space.Make sure you have an evenly divided number of good andbad things that happen on the board.4.-Make the actual board itself. You can use many differenttypes of materials, from cardboard and paper to finished woodand cloth.
  6. 6. 5.-Add the playing pieces. Small toys, figurines and pieces from othergames can work. Make sure the pieces are noticeably different fromone another.6.-Add the remaining objects and pieces. This includes dice, tokens,cards, play money and any other prizes included in the game.7.-Find a group of friends or family members to test out your newboard game. Above all, make sure they have fun playing it.(Peruvian children play a life-sized disaster risk reduction board gamein Chincha’s central park during a community fair sponsored by theAmerican Red Cross.)
  7. 7. What to do:Cut out the cards and laminate for longer hold.How to play:1.-Have groups of three to four students play the game.2.-Give each student eight or six cards.3.-The one to get the “Starting card” puts his card on thetable. Reads the question aloud.4.-The student with the card that has the answer puts it downon the table (like in a Domino game) but the card is placedbelow the first card –5.-The student then reads the new question and the studentwith the correct answer places his card on the desk.6.-And so it goes ……..PS: Notice that the Starting card has the answer of thequestion on the last card to be placed on the table.Animals CARD GAME
  8. 8. Cheer up ! Create yourown board game!
  9. 9. Emely Bobadilla Araujo(ón Gómez(