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Ethics in design (8 feb 2018)


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This was a 5 minute presentation I did for a Stockholm Designers meetup. It ran through what ethics are, where evil comes from and how design works as a source of ethics in companies.

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Ethics in design (8 feb 2018)

  1. 1. What’s so ethical about design anyway?
  2. 2. Facebook and Amazon in the news
  3. 3. What does it mean to be ethical?
  4. 4. Actively not being as asshole
  5. 5. Not acting IS STILL EVIL
  6. 6. But what about Business?
  7. 7. Scaling begets Stupid • Vertical: many layers • Horizontal: freaking huge
  8. 8. Vertical stupid
  9. 9. Horizontal stupid
  10. 10. Focus on the user Human — not KPI
  11. 11. Measuring something, dehumanises that something. We have to do it. But lets be careful, ok?
  12. 12. Designers are the Ethics department
  13. 13. Ethics are actually good for business
  14. 14. Jesper Bylund @jesperbylund Better Each Day