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Lect 8 memo

  1. 1. Advanced Technical Writing Lecture 8 Memorandums 29 June 2008
  2. 2. Memorandums (memo) Interoffice way of communication. Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 2
  3. 3. WHAT IS A BUSINESS MEMO?  Basically, it is an in-house business letter. Like a business letter, a business memo is a type of professional writing. However, a business memo differs from an ordinary letter in several important ways: 1) It is written in a specific format, which will be described later. 2) Unlike a letter, you do not sign your name at the bottom of your memo. Instead, you write your initials next to your name at the top of the memo.    Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 3
  4. 4. Purpose Of Memo A business memo serves a very useful purpose. (Memos solve problems)  It helps members of a business organization communicate, without the need for time-consuming meetings.  It lets someone know something they need to know in an effective and efficient manner.  Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 4
  5. 5. Purpose- Example Mr. Howard has asked me to arrange a working lunch for all members of the writing staff, at the main office, sometime before the end of the month.   The purpose of this memo is to request authorization to purchase a sound card and a modem for the computer in the front office.  This memo confirms the details of your tour of the new processing plant, as we discussed over the telephone this morning.  Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 5
  6. 6. Used for all kinds including  Short note  Exchange information  Request information  Instruct employees  Report results  Small reports  Internal proposals Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 6
  7. 7. Memos’ Role Play an important role in management:  Keeps employees informed  Motivates employees  Keeps their moral high Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 7
  8. 8. To achieve this goal Memos Should Convey the message in a clear and accurate way Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 8
  9. 9. Memo Format Heading II. Opening III. Discussion IV. Closing V. Summary I. Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 9
  10. 10. I. Heading TO: (readers' names and job titles) FROM: (your name and job title) DATE: (Month day, year) SUBJECT: (what the memo is about, highlighted in some way) Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 10
  11. 11. From Line It is a good idea to initial your name in handwriting. CC: (others who are involved) BCC: ( not directly involved) Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 11
  12. 12. Subject line Should summarize the reason of the memo. Should be 10 words or less. Is NOT a sentence - it is a long title. Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 12
  13. 13. II. Opening Three parts: 1. The context and problem 2. The specific assignment or task 3. The purpose of the memo. Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 13
  14. 14. 1. The context Event, circumstance, or background of the problem you are solving. You may use An opening sentence, such as, “As Jane recommended, I reviewed the office reorganization plan" Include only what your reader needs, but be sure it is clear. Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 14
  15. 15. 2. Task Describe what you are doing to help solve the problem.  If the action was requested, your task may be indicated by a sentence opening like, "You asked that I look at...."  If you want to explain your intentions, you might say, "To determine the best method of controlling the percentage of rat extremities, I will...." Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 15
  16. 16. 3. Purpose Statement Are you announcing a meeting, welcoming a new employee, or asking for input on adopting a new policy about lunch hour length? Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 16
  17. 17. III. Discussion In the discussion segment, give details about the problem, Don't ramble on incessantly, but do give enough information for decision makers to resolve the problem. Describe the task or assignment with details that support your opening paragraph (problem). Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 17
  18. 18. IV. Closing  Close with a courteous ending that states what action you want your reader to take.  Make sure you consider how the reader will benefit from the desired actions and how you can make those actions easier. Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 18
  19. 19. V. Summary If your memo is longer than a page, you may want to include a separate summary segment. This part provides a brief statement of the recommendations you have reached. These will help your reader understand the key points of the memo immediately. Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 19
  20. 20. Example Plankton Engineering To: Employees In Research and Development Team From: Mary Silvers, Project Manager Date: January 15, 2002 Subject : New Flex-Time Policy Beginning March 1, 2002 Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 20
  21. 21. Example - continue Plankton Engineering is offering a new flex-time schedule to all employees. You MUST sign up for this plan by Feb. 20, 2002 , in order to use it. Components of the Plan Employees must agree to: – – – – Work 40 hours a week Work a minimum of 4 days a week Arrive at work no later than 9:30 a.m. Leave work no earlier than 3:30 p.m. Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 21
  22. 22. Example - continue Scheduling Considerations Employees may schedule work time as long as it fits the above criteria. Employees who sign up for this new flex time scheduling must declare their work hours during the previous week. The supervisor will take responsibility for recording each employees work schedule. Employees who wish to try this new plan must stay on it for three months before returning to the current policy. Employees who may want to start it later, must wait until January of the next calendar year to sign up. Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 22
  23. 23. Example - continue Important Reminder Remember - Sign up by Feb. 20 to take advantage of the new Flex-Time schedule. Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 23
  24. 24. More Examples In your text: Pages 591-592 Page: 425 Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 24
  25. 25. Are you ready to do your next assignment ? ☻ Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed I hope so 25
  26. 26. Assignment 6 Write a memo telling about the problems or faced in IUG. In which you will following questions: your professor you encounter answer the What are the problems? Why are they problems? And what is your plans to solve it? Due date is next Sunday at class time Islamic University Dr. Basil Hamed 26