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  1. 1. Non-Non-RTD Activities under FP7 Dr Radu Rautiu, Senior Project Manager Dr Kornelia Jumel, Project Manager Imperial College Consultants Ltd 6th November 2009
  2. 2. ICON and FP7 participation Imperial College Consultants wholly-owned company (formerly FC model) wholly- ICON acts as Consortium Manager when Imperial is a main beneficiary/partner Co-opted from the Proposal(s) Phase and responsible for setting-up management Co- setting- structures, overall budget check, lobbying, non-RTD activities oversight, proposal non- submission Active in Negotiation Phase for budget adjustments, Consortium Agreement advice (CA), and also for GPF and paperwork, changes to the Annex 1 to GA In Execution Phase, recruits APM/PM from day one ( ) organizes kick-off meeting, Phase, y (!), g kick- g periodic reviews, project meetings and workshops/conferences ICON acts as a communication hub between all beneficiaries and main beneficiary ICON deals with all the financial activities at consortium level, forecasting budgets, sends disbursement instructions (to main beneficiary’s finance dept) beneficiary s ICON sets-up the project website and also the extranet (project working area), and sets- the content management system (CMS), organizes dissemination activities On large Collaborative Projects ICON coordinates the training activities ( g j g (internal and external plus networking) ICON provides access to external experts, QA/QC and also best practice ICON performs the project closure and responsible with IP exploitation plans
  3. 3. Professional Project Management Office Project Manager / Dedicated Assistant Project Manager Admin External Finance Core Team AdminConsultants Technical Experts Manager Contract Training/ Executive Media Extended Legal Expert Virtual Team Expert Team Events Organiser
  4. 4. Framework Activities Risk AnalysisAdvantages Disadvantages - Risks• Higher OH rates (93-100%) (93- • Long negotiations (with EC)• Staff recharge and dedicated staff • Delayed start of project > recruiting (economy of scale) • Bureaucracy and paperwork B d k• Support of a professional Project (reduced from FP6) Management Office for continuity • Repeated requests for information• Internal training benefits or paperwork k• Enhancing internal skills set • ‘Peak & through’ activities• Networking across EU and world- g world- • Under-estimation of resources Under- wide with various organisations • PO micromanagement• Very good for organisation’s track • EC changes of personnel – no record ‘institutional memory - no hand-outs institutional memory’ memory’- hand-• (May lead to further commercial • Non-performing beneficiaries Non- work, restricted tenders, etc) • Non-performing or ‘weak’ scientific Non- coordination
  5. 5. ICON - FP7 participation (1) ti i ti evaluation letter of funding f di EC Main ct) Beneficiary grant reement (contrac agreement preparation SAL ON forms OTIATIO PROPOS DoW submission ICON updated budget p g NEGO Grant Agr Negotiation Set-up Set S t- Consortium CAStakeholders End- End-Users
  6. 6. ICON - FP7 participation (2) ti i ti EC POS -CONTRACTUAL t) eement (contract Main M i Beneficiary Dissemination OTIATION Web & Extranet FP6/7 networking ICON IPR management CANEGO Gra Agre ST- ant ST Consortium Stakeholders
  7. 7. Best Practice Some Lessons Learned• Clear distinction and allocated resources for Consortium Management vs Research Management• Good delegation of responsibility to the Core people in the Project, use of Deputies• Regular interim reporting from partners (quarterly reports) and regular resource forecasting- forecasting- budgeting• Good templates and help notes on periodic reporting and admin-financial paperwork admin-• An early f functional extranet not only a ‘web page’, with CMS implemented, forums, tiered- C S f tiered- access areas• Email overkill !!!! Keep it at a minimum, do not overwhelm, have separate mailing lists, use the web-based calendar for news, events, meetings, workshops web-• Invite and involve your PO to crucial meetings / workshops, meet them directly and discuss potential problems• Keep a close collaboration with the Scientific Coordinator (PI) at all times.• Ensure continuity in administering and managing the consortium• Have a good and detailed CA but keep it trim and clear• Keep good back-ups of time sheets and paperwork for everyone involved. back-
  8. 8. ICON’s Brussels Offi ICON’ B l OfficeICON’s European Office20-20-22 rue du Commerce, BrusselsDedicated office WiFi & ADSLCosted to ProjectsMeeting room (8-10 people) WiFi -by booking (8-in advance only. Underground parking.
  9. 9. Brussels- European Institutions Brussels- E B l I tit ti ICON’s Office 20- 20-22 rue du Commerce 1000- 1000-Brusselsfor Eurostar& Thalys
  10. 10. Managing a Very Large ConsortiumCommunicate Delegate TimelyProfessionally