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The 7 Types of B2B Copywriter… and how the wrong one can destroy your campaign

  1. The 7 Types of B2B Copywriter …and how the wrong one can destroy your campaign Fiona Campbell-Howes Founder, Radix Communications @patroclus / @radixcom
  2. Why is this important?
  3. 13 different types of content
  4. 78%of UK marketers created more content in 2014 than in 2013. Source: Content Marketing Institute, Content Marketing in the UK 2015
  5. 19 million+ blog posts published 50,000 long-form posts published on LinkedIn 80,000 presentations uploaded to Slideshare 3 million hours of video uploaded to YouTube Sources: Wordpress 2013, LinkedIn investor report Feb 2015, Slideshare, YouTube Each week…
  6. Making engaging content is hard
  7. It’s not hard to see where all this ends…
  8. So how do you make content that stands out gets read strikes a chord converts
  9. You can start by hiring the right writers.
  10. Think about it…
  11. Initial research stage: below 150 words Source: Octopus Group, Tech Heads Report, 250 CIO decision-makers, 2014 Decision-makers like different formats at different stages… Decision stage: c. 2,000 words Shortlisting stage: 300 – 500 words
  12. 13different content formats 3funnel stages Lots of communications channels …one writer can’t be great at it all!
  13. (Despite what they may tell you…) “A versatile, all-round writer” “I can write anything, on any subject” “Anything you want written, I can write” “I find the right words for your business” “Words are my passion”
  14. In reality, there are 7 different types of B2B copywriter. You need to be able to tell which types you’ve got – and always match the right one to the right job.
  15. How can you tell which is which? Their background Type of content in their portfolio What they say on their website
  16. #1 The Creative Copywriter
  17. #1 The Creative Copywriter Background Advertising – agency or in-house Thinks Laterally, in big, visual concepts. They show, not tell, and aim to make an emotional connection. Advantages Helps you stand out at the top of the funnel. Works with designers to create striking art/copy combinations. Great for: Ad copy, top-level web copy, branding, naming, concepts, ideas
  18. #2 The Digital Copywriter
  19. #2 The Digital Copywriter Background Digital agency/in-house web team Thinks User experience, conciseness, SEO, on-page conversion Advantages Works well with digital specialists, understands digital formats, design and technologies Great for Web copy, landing pages, apps, banners, PPC, social copy, microcopy
  20. “You don’t need a [creative] copywriter to spend weeks working on a “big idea” when you can find a digital copywriter who’ll tell you adding “now” to your call to action could increase conversions by 4%.” - Allastaire Allday, Digital Copywriter
  21. #3 The SEO Writer
  22. #3 The SEO Writer Background Just starting out, or just left an agency to go freelance. Approach Must work fast to survive, so repurposes Wikipedia articles. Keywords, keywords, keywords… Advantages Cheap: £9 for 500 words is common Great for: Keyword-stuffed filler, fast turnarounds when quality doesn’t matter.
  23. #4 The Technical Writer
  24. Background In-house product development / publishing house Approach Explains how technical stuff works to a technical audience. Their aim is to clarify and educate, not to inspire or create an emotional connection. Advantages Writes clearly and knowledgeably about tech subjects for a technical audience. Great for: Technical web pages, product manuals, datasheets, knowledge base articles, FAQs#4 The Technical Writer
  25. #5 The Explainer
  26. Background PR, AR, internal comms, report writing Thinks Translates complex subjects into plain language for a non-technical audience. May be unused to working with designers and thinking in visual concepts. Advantages Writes clear, readable, engaging copy on complex topics. Great for: White papers, ebooks, press releases, reports, blogs, articles, newsletters #5 The Explainer
  27. #6 The Conversion Copywriter (aka direct response copywriter, persuasion copywriter)
  28. Background Old-school (pre-digital) direct marketing: in- house or agency. Approach Persuasive and laser-focused on conversion. May not be very design-oriented. Advantages Knows lots of psychological/emotional techniques to convince people to take action. Great for: DMs, eDMs, long-form ad copy, sales letters #6 The Conversion Copywriter
  29. #7 The Journalist
  30. Background Trade or national media, usually print or web Approach Uncovers your stories – or your customer’s stories – and tells them in an interesting and engaging way. Advantages Great interviewing/reporting skills, and sense of what makes an engaging story. Knows your industry, but this can create conflicts of interest. Great for: Blogs, articles, expert pieces, case studies, brand journalism, managing brand newsrooms. #7 The Journalist
  31. Why does getting the right writer matter?
  32. vs.
  33. vs.
  34. Play them to their strengths…
  35. In the funnel…
  36. And in the right formats… Concepts, ads, web copy, branding, naming DMs, eDMs, landing pages, long-form ads, sales letters Web copy, landing pages, apps, PPC, banners, social copy, microcopy Technical web pages, manuals, datasheets, knowledge base articles, FAQs Blogs, articles, expert pieces, case studies, brand journalism / newsrooms White papers, ebooks, press releases, reports, blogs, articles, newsletters Keyword- stuffed filler articles and blogs
  37. Build your dream team… Our creative copywriter is …………..………… Our conversion copywriter is …………..………… Our digital copywriter is ………………………. Our technical copywriter is ………………………… Our journalist copywriter is ……………………. Our explainer copywriter is …………………….. Our SEO copywriter is …………………...
  38. Go forth and create great content!
  39. Thank you