How to Build a Marketing Strategy with Real-Time Data


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Real-time data will reshape the way marketers communicate with customers. As an industry of push marketing through expensive TV commercials, static billboards, marquee banner ads and magazine spreads gets shoved to obsolescence by opt-in social media campaigns, high-quality content, personalized user-experience and responsive products, real-time data applications will soon dominate the mandatory marketing shopping list.

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How to Build a Marketing Strategy with Real-Time Data

  1. 1. Building a Marketing Strategy with Real-Time Data Tuesday, January 7, 14
  2. 2. Earlier this year, Google’s $1B acquisition of local, real-time data application Waze added momentum to a growing market for real-time data. Tuesday, January 7, 14
  3. 3. In 2014, BlueRun Ventures intends to invest $150 million in mobilefocused real-time data analysis applications. source Tuesday, January 7, 14
  4. 4. They’re just one of a growing number of venture capital firms betting big money on big data. Tuesday, January 7, 14
  5. 5. Location-based startups that allow advertisers to personalize their offers and provide other customized services are quickly becoming a highly lucrative space. judith aquino source Tuesday, January 7, 14
  6. 6. what are real-time data? Real-time data are data that update as they occur; they are the live TV broadcasts of online marketing. In the marketing world, real-time data can show you who’s visiting your website at any given time, which topics are trending in which markets, what your customers are doing at any given moment, etc. lisa fugere source Tuesday, January 7, 14
  7. 7. Real-time data are the future. In 2014, marketers will invest in tools that give them access to up-to-the-minute insights about prospects. Tuesday, January 7, 14
  8. 8. How to Build a Marketing Strategy Around Real-Time Data Tuesday, January 7, 14
  9. 9. 1. Real-Time Data to Fill Your Pipeline Data lists are outdated. Data change every day. Don’t invest in data that don’t update automatically. Tuesday, January 7, 14
  10. 10. Get the Most Bang for Your Buck Download the Data Assessment Chart to help you evaluate lead data solutions Tuesday, January 7, 14
  11. 11. 2. Real-Time Data to Craft your Marketing Message All the customer personas in the world won’t give you the rich insights you can find on Google Analytics. Tuesday, January 7, 14
  12. 12. The Best Google Analytics to Develop Your Content Messaging: traffic sources organic bounce rate overview search traffic vs. exit rate Tuesday, January 7, 14 top landing pages exit pages
  13. 13. 3. Real-Time Data to Reach Prospects Where do your prospects hang out online, and what conversations do they have? Tuesday, January 7, 14
  14. 14. Social media companies offer detailed advertising options for much less than traditional advertisers. twitter broad match facebook promoted posts photo credit Tuesday, January 7, 14 linkedin custom ads photo credit photo credit
  15. 15. 4. Real-Time Data to Close Customers Knowing when your customers are ready to buy doesn’t have to be guesswork anymore. Tuesday, January 7, 14
  16. 16. The best marketing automation metrics to use to measure prospect activity: source: hubspot blog activity metrics • Number of emails sent • Setup of quality behavioral triggers response metrics • Site traffic • Reconversions • Unsubscribe rate • Open & click through rates Tuesday, January 7, 14 efficiency metrics value metrics • Cost per customer • MQLs generated • Revenue generated • Cost of investment through lead nurturing • Sales accepted leads versus revenue generated • Close rate on marketingsourced leads
  17. 17. 4. Real-Time Data to Keep Customers photo credit Know when your customers are going to turnover before they do, and salvage their business while you still can. Tuesday, January 7, 14
  18. 18. Customer service is more than answering support tickets; it means predicting when your customers need you, and getting there before they do. gainsight zendesk create upsell opportunities instantaneous with trigger events customer service Tuesday, January 7, 14 olark onsite, pop up chat boxes
  19. 19. Read more about real-time data on the Radius blog. Tuesday, January 7, 14
  20. 20. about radius For marketers looking to boost ROI, Radius provides the one place you need to segment and identify your ideal SMB customers. Finding and engaging with the right local businesses can be overwhelming due to the disorganized — and often contradictory— nature of local business information. Radius subscribers build perfectly targeted customer segments from amongst the 27 million U.S. business records within Radius to find their next best customers. Tuesday, January 7, 14