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Radius sponsored The Funnelholic's Demand Generation Summit, a combination of 4 Webinars with social, marketing, and sales experts Koka Sexton, Scott Albro, Matt Childs, and Matt Heinz. We put together a definitive guide on demand generation based on what we learned from the summit.

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Demand generation handbook

  1. demand generationsummit2013brought to you by the funnelholicThursday, May 23, 13
  2. the handbook ofdemand generationwhat we learned frommatt heinz, president, heinz marketing inc.koka sexton, social marketing manager, linkedinscott albro, founder & ceo of topomatt childs, vp sales & strategy, vidcasterThursday, May 23, 13
  3. “To forget one’s purpose is the commonest form of stupidity.”friedrich nietzscheThursday, May 23, 13
  4. best practices forhighly effectivedemand generationfeaturing content from @heinzmarketing1.Thursday, May 23, 13
  5. before you start generating leads, you need tofigure out which leads you want, and what todo with them once you have them.Thursday, May 23, 13
  6. a marketing plan in5 questions:Thursday, May 23, 13
  7. Who and what are your targets?Thursday, May 23, 13
  8. About what do they care?Thursday, May 23, 13
  9. Where do you find them?Thursday, May 23, 13
  10. Who or what influences them?Thursday, May 23, 13
  11. How do they want to engage and buy?Thursday, May 23, 13
  12. “Before you create any more ‘great content,’ figure out how you’re going tomarket it.”joe pulizzi & newt barrett, authors of get content get customersThursday, May 23, 13
  13. social media marketingthat drives realdemand: how to movefrom likes to leadsfeaturing content from @kokasexton2.Thursday, May 23, 13
  14. social media is thecheapest & mostpervasive form oflead generation.Thursday, May 23, 13
  15. Why?Thursday, May 23, 13
  16. Because buyers are onsocial media:Thursday, May 23, 13
  17. 81% of buyers say their friends’ socialposts influence their purchase decisions.78% of buyers say companies’ postsinfluence their purchase decisions.Thursday, May 23, 13
  18. 30Thursday, May 23, 13
  19. 30% of linkedin traffic that comes from social media.Thursday, May 23, 13
  20. And because social media leads costless than all other types of leadsThursday, May 23, 13
  21. 55Thursday, May 23, 13
  22. the % of social media generated leads thatcost less than the average lead.55Thursday, May 23, 13
  23. so how do you build a lead generation channelon social media?Thursday, May 23, 13
  24. Step 1: Build a following.Thursday, May 23, 13
  25. The size of your following may just be asocial vanity metric,Thursday, May 23, 13
  26. But a large base of followers gives you anaudience to market to.Thursday, May 23, 13
  27. Step 2: Nurture the leads in yoursystem with content.Thursday, May 23, 13
  28. “You can buy attention (advertising.) You can beg for attention from themedia (PR). You can bug people one at a time to get attention (sales). Or youcan earn attention by creating something interesting and valuation and thenpublishing it online for free.”David Meerman Scott, authorThursday, May 23, 13
  29. building the ultimatecontent marketingmachinefeaturing content from @scottalbro3.Thursday, May 23, 13
  30. Step 1: Plan it.Thursday, May 23, 13
  31. ask 10 customers which 3 pieces of contentthey most want from you.Thursday, May 23, 13
  32. goal: driveregistrationgoal: driveactiveprospectsgoal: sellgoal:collectreferralschannelgrow network,Twitter, Facebook,blog, LinkedIndrip email & socialcampaignssales reps word of mouthtype ofcontentex: 10 tips guides,white papers,discovery eventsnewsletter,success stories,productannouncementscompetitorcomparison,product demosreferral programs,tell a friendcampaignsmap your content to your audienceThursday, May 23, 13
  33. Step 2: Make it.Thursday, May 23, 13
  34. how hubspot publishes 5 blog posts per day:If you are the best at what you do then you have thought leaders. Everykey person we hire at HubSpot is a respective thought leader. Theproblem is they are all busy running the business with very little timeto write. And they don’t often write well. If you are to succeed inGoogle, you need to pull that content out of them by setting a weeklyquota for new content from your thought leaders. So find and hire ajournalist or two (or more) who know how to write well under deadlines.There are lots of them moving from the old world of print media todigital. Have them interview each thought leader in rotation for 30 to45 minutes a week. Turn your journalists loose on your brightengineers, your sales gurus, your marketing wizards, your c-level types,your founders. They know amazing things, but they’re all busy. - MarkRoberge, SVP of Sales and Services at HubspotThursday, May 23, 13
  35. Step 3: Break it.Thursday, May 23, 13
  36. a white paper is never just a white paper.Thursday, May 23, 13
  37. a white paper is never just a white paper.ebookslidesharevideoebookslideshareslidesharevideovideoblog postblog postblog postblog postblog postfacebook postfacebook postfacebook postfacebook postfacebook postfacebook postfacebook postfacebook postfacebook postvideoThursday, May 23, 13
  38. Step 3: Measure it.Thursday, May 23, 13
  39. stage definition sales action marketing actionopen/interacts withcontentNew lead, has not beencontacted by sales.if qualified, begin 7 stepcontact processif not qualified, enter intodrip campaignattempting to contactIn the process of salesfollow-up.qualified lead, 7 steps toschedule meetingenter into active prospectdrip campaigninterestedProspect interacts withcontent, not yet qualifiedno action enter into drip campaignnurturingProspect expresses interest,but no near term opportunityno actiondrip marketing 1-2 x permonth, value-add contentmarketing qualifiedProspect fits initial leadqualification actionprovide thoughtleadership contentsales acceptedProspect fits all leadqualification criteriaget prospect to commit tomeetingprovide thoughtleadership contentpresentation/demoSales has scheduledmeeting.get permission to presentproposalprovide case studies/sales enablement contentproposalSales has presented formalproposal.get verbal agreementprovide case studies/sales enablement contentnegotiationProspect has verbally agreedto contract, has not signedmaintain communicationwith prospectno actionclosed won Customer. take a victory lap no actionclosed lost Opportunity lost. no actionReturn to drip marketingcampaign.sample lead measurement chart.featuring content from @heinzmarketingThursday, May 23, 13
  40. Step 4: Score it.Thursday, May 23, 13
  41. score description follow-upA1Perfect fit. Aligned on all leadqualification criteria; idealprospect profile.Immediate sales call/emailwithin 4 hours of reaching queue.A2Strong fit. Aligned on most leadqualification criteria; idealprospect profileImmediate sales call/emailwithin 4 hours of reaching queue.A3Good fit. Aligned on some leadqualification criteria; partiallyideal prospect profileSales call/email within 2 days ofreaching queue.A4Potential fit. Aligned on somelead qualification criteria orpartially ideal prospect profileSales call/email within 1 week ofreaching queue with whitepaper/case study/contentB1Potential fit. Company is a fit,discovery required to determineneed, budget, authority, timingSales call/email within 1 week ofreaching queue with whitepaper/case study/contentB2Potential fit. Prospect engageswith content campaign,qualification requiredSales call/email within 1 week ofreaching queue, entered inmarketing nurture campaignB3Potential fit. Long termopportunity. Lead is a fit, but hasno immediate need.Sales call/email within 1 week ofreaching queue, entered inmarketing nurture campaignsample lead scoring chart.featuring content from @heinzmarketingThursday, May 23, 13
  42. the secrets tosuccessfully usingvideo in yourmarketingfeaturing content from @mattychilds4.Thursday, May 23, 13
  43. of the us internet audience74%Thursday, May 23, 13
  44. online videos36bconsumedThursday, May 23, 13
  45. in january.Thursday, May 23, 13
  46. high quality videos may cost a lot of $$$$Thursday, May 23, 13
  47. but they’re also the most consumed form ofonline content.Thursday, May 23, 13
  48. How to develop a video marketingplan that doesn’t suck:Thursday, May 23, 13
  49. Thursday, May 23, 13
  50. what???Thursday, May 23, 13
  51. hosting on youtube hosting on your sitevs.• You send visitors away fromyour site.• You don’t get SEO for yourwebsite when your content ison Youtube.• Competitor videos – orcompletely unrelated videos –show up in the side bar of yourvideos• You have no control of userexperience on Youtube.• You can monitor exactly howusers engage with your videocontent.• Views can become leads in yourCRM.• You can control the userexperience.• You can measure views, clicks,shares, likes, searches, etc.• You can direct viewers to othervideos you’ve made.Thursday, May 23, 13
  52. “People shop and learn in a whole new way compared to just a few years ago,so marketers need to adapt or risk extinction.”brian halligan, ceo, hubspotThursday, May 23, 13
  53. are you ready to rethinkyour demand generationstrategy yet?Thursday, May 23, 13
  54. about radiusRadius provides the most accurate and comprehensive index of insightsabout small businesses in the US. Radius‘ technology collects and monitorsdata from hundreds of thousands of online and social sources. The easy-to-use dashboard allows marketers and salespeople to discover newprospects, prioritize leads and synchronize data.see how radius can help you find the right leads for your business.Thursday, May 23, 13
  55. Thursday, May 23, 13