29 prospecting tips


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We asked the best sales experts how they prospect and motivate teams to go outbound, and we pulled together the best 99 tips and prospecting resources. You'll learn how to organize your sales process for efficiency, self-brand to build trust, identify the right prospects, connect with the most elusive ones, and engage in memorable and remarkable ways. Get the full guide here: http://knowledge.radiusintel.com/99prospectingtips/

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29 prospecting tips

  1. 1. Plan your work and work your plan. Youcan’t take a fishing boat out and justexpect fish to jump into the boat.@rbarsiTweet the Tip
  2. 2. Attract your audience. If a prospect hearsyour voicemail or receives your email, theymay Google your name. Are you worth thesearch?@rbarsiTweet the Tip
  3. 3. Set up alerts for internal changes, such assenior executive movement, acquisition,divestiture, funding, credit status changes,etc.@dandadeTweet the Tip
  4. 4. Do your research; you don’t want to sound likeany other schlep calling and interrupting theirday. Make sure to learn enough about theirbusiness to articulate why you feel you can help.@craig_ferraraTweet the Tip
  5. 5. Figuring out the best time of day to call changesfrom vertical to vertical. You have to becomfortable making several attempts at findingthe time to catch someone who’s in the office.Getting an email address is helpful, butunderstand that you may not get a reply untilmuch later in the day when they actually have asecond to sit down.@chris_snellTweet the Tip
  6. 6. Are your customers gaining or sinking inpopularity? Foursquare check-ins and othersocial indicators can be an easy way todetermine customer loyalty and interest.@darian314Tweet the Tip
  7. 7. When preparing your call script, think: you are 1of 100s of salespeople calling this prospect.What would make them want to call you back?Craig KaplanTweet the Tip
  8. 8. Stop writing emails that look like novels:http://three.sentenc.es/@rbarsiTweet the Tip
  9. 9. Decision makers that are SMBs are rarely sittingwaiting for a sales call; email is VERY important.Always email first to let them know you’re goingto call. If you don’t get through email again, givethem a day and then call.@davepolitisTweet the Tip
  10. 10. Know your prospects’ communicationpreferences. Keep record of those preferencesand stick to them. Don’t keep emailing aprospect that only answers your phone calls.@johnsjawnTweet the Tip
  11. 11. Send your prospects handwritten birthday cards– the old-fashioned way.@barbaragiamancoTweet the Tip
  12. 12. Stop talking about your offerings. They’re notinterested in what you do; only what you can dofor them. There’s a big difference.@mike_weinbergTweet the Tip
  13. 13. Offer something of value for nothing in return.Rather than ask for a meeting, offer anassessment or audit.@heinzmarketingTweet the Tip
  14. 14. 5 before 9 and 9 after 5: extra calls to be madeto keep the funnel fat.craig kaplanTweet the Tip
  15. 15. Prospects are not leads, clicks, or impressions;they’re people and businesses. Get over yourown internal metrics and listen.@kennymadden1973Tweet the Tip
  16. 16. You’re not perfect for everyone. You may havethe best solution since sliced bread, but if itdoesn’t fit how a prospect does business, itwon’t fit. It’s nothing personal, it just doesn’t fit.@kennymadden1973Tweet the Tip
  17. 17. WOM is important. If you leave a bad taste in aprospect’s mouth, more than likely LOTS ofpeople will know – quickly. On the flip side, ifyou do something right, they will praise you withaccolades in front of many others. Word-of-mouth is huge.@kennymadden1973Tweet the Tip
  18. 18. When it’s scheduled prospecting time, donothing else but prospect. Everything else canwait.@shawn_naggiarTweet the Tip
  19. 19. Follow your prospects on Twitter and watch forappropriate ways to engage.@barbaragiamancoTweet the Tip
  20. 20. Without a doubt, the best time to get a hold ofthe hard-to-reach person is between :58 and:02 each hour.@thesaleshunterTweet the Tip
  21. 21. Don’t simply cold call. Do research in LinkedIn,on the prospect’s website, in groups or otherdiscussions in which they are involved and onany other press.@dandadeTweet the Tip
  22. 22. Connect with prospects who view your profile.On LinkedIn, you can see who has viewedyour profile. When a prospect views yourprofile, offer to connect. When you’reconnected, they’ll see your Activity Feed, andyou can track their activity.@james_t_shanksTweet the Tip
  23. 23. Apply apps like Outlook’s Delay Delivery,Boomerang, or ToutAPP to send yourmessages on Sundays. It appears that you’reworking hard on the weekend and it catchesprospects in a relaxed environment.@rbarsiTweet the Tip
  24. 24. If someone has been ignoring your cold-callingfor 5 years, THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED.@kennymadden1973Tweet the Tip
  25. 25. Uncover the decision-making process(including the budgeting process) during theprospecting phase of the selling cycle. Thishelps you validate authority.@dandadeTweet the Tip
  26. 26. Hone your pitch: know the value that you offerand find ways to engage potential buyersthrough adding value for them – not fromselling your stuff.@scoremoresalesTweet the Tip
  27. 27. Don’t sell; help others buy. The buyer-centricapproach assures you speak in terms relevantto real problems. Buyers don’t care about yourproduct. They care about solving theirproblems.@jill_rowleyTweet the Tip
  28. 28. Build relationships. As with all sales, peoplepurchase based on emotion and likability. Thismeans you need to be open, honest and full ofintegrity in your discussions and negotiationswith them.@sandyrgansTweet the Tip
  29. 29. get the whole guide