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RadisMed - Corporate presentation


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Presentation of RadisMed, a biomed start-up developing innovative drugs and diagnostic products for rare diseases

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RadisMed - Corporate presentation

  1. 1. RadisMedMedical Solutions for Rare Diseases Company presentation
  2. 2. Positioning Company description• RadisMed is a biomed specialty company focused on niche markets• RadisMed develops innovative drugs and diagnostic products for unexplored life-threatening rare diseases• RadisMed also offers several preclinical services to other companies
  3. 3. Unmet needs Rare diseases Rare Disease = Small number of patients Big Pharmas tend to explore more common diseases Patients suffer from life-threatening diseases with two main needs No drugs to No diagnostic treat them products
  4. 4. Three business lines RadisMed structure Orphan drug discovery and early development Genetic diagnostics Services
  5. 5. RadisMed Orphan Drugs Drug discovery and development License License in outDiscovery Pre-clinical Clinical I Clinical II Clinical III Market Value generationDrugvalue + Value retention Development phase
  6. 6. RadisMed Orphan Drugs Technology: Drosophila Use of Drosophila as screening tool to identify orphan drugs Info ondiseases Therapeutic Ideal model target for genetic validation + diseases in vivo data Bank ofmolecules• Cost effective drug screening (cheap high throughput)• Higher chances of Pre-clinical/Clinical success• Highly flexible platform with great capacity to adapt to market requirements
  7. 7. RadisMed Orphan Drugs Development pipeline Oncology Program 4 indications Nervous System Program 2 indicationsReproductive System Program 1 indication
  8. 8. RadisMed Diagnostics Genetic diagnostic products Use of Microarray to detect genetic alterations Disease Internal development and info commercializationDiscovery Product Development Clinical Testing Market
  9. 9. RadisMed Diagnostics Development pipeline Discovery Product Development Clinical Testing MarketMetabolic diseases Nervous system
  10. 10. RadisMed Services Flexible platform Use of Drosophila for Preclinical tests High Throughput Screening Toxicity assays Model Client-specific projects: ad- hoc models
  11. 11. RadisMed in short High growth potentialFocused on rare diseases3 Business lines: • RadisMed Orphan Drugs • RadisMed Diagnostics • RadisMed ServicesCore activities based on two platforms: • Drosophila melanogaster • Molecular diagnostic technology
  12. 12. Thank youRadisMed