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Listen To Radio Differently


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RadioVybe is an interactive radio app that allows you to discover, listen and interact with radios within and outside your geographic location.

The interactive feature of the app allows members to contribute to live radio shows/programmes whilst listening. The app also allows members stream music and connect with the artists.

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Listen To Radio Differently

  1. 1. RadioVybe A New Radio & Music Culture
  2. 2. Radio was invented in 1895 And Music is as old as mankind
  3. 3. And now RadioVybe is reinventing radio Making it more ; • Fun • Social • Interactive and • Taking all radios beyond their shores
  4. 4. What is RadioVybe? It is a social network for radio and music lovers. Providing the platform to not only stream radio And music but interact with broadcasters and Artists alike.
  5. 5. The RadioVybe social network aims to Make terrestrial radio exciting and interactive. Take terrestrial radios beyond their shores. Allow radio listeners to be active contributors to Live shows from anywhere in the world. Allow users to discover great music through friends and artists themselves.
  6. 6. In a Nutshell Benefits for Radio Broadcasters • Reach a global audience with no expense. • Connect better with existing and new listeners. • Receive views, commentaries and feedback on their Live Shows/Programmes from all over the world. • Instantly increase their listenership base and thus revenue stream.
  7. 7. In a Nutshell Benefits for Musicians • Popularize their songs with/without Record Labels • Increase fan base • Socially connect with fans • Receive compliments and feedbacks on their albums
  8. 8. In a Nutshell Benefits for Members • Discover different genres of radio & Music • Enjoy radio and music streams free • Socially connect with friends, favourite radios and musicians • Interactively connect with radios while listening
  9. 9. Long Term Vision To make RadioVybe the de facto app to use to listen to radio and music in a socially interactive way..