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  1. 1. Introduction toPodcasting and Online Audio MAC 196 – Week Three
  2. 2. Radio and Audio Platforms Broadcast Radio  Analogue – FM/AM/LW/SW  Digital – DAB / DTV Online streaming  Live  On-demand Podcasting  Is a “medium” AND a distribution “platform”
  3. 3. Digital Radio Listening
  4. 4. Online Spaces Programme Webpages, micro-sites and blogs  Programme Billings  Audio Archives  Additional Content Social Media  Interact with the audience  Share content with friends
  5. 5. What do we mean by Multiplatform? In more than one space – but with content that is appropriate for that space. Video streams, web documentaries, podcasts, 360 contentThe Bottom Line: Radio 4/BBC News BBC Radio 1‟s Big Weekend
  6. 6. The Long Tail FM DAB Online & Podcasting
  7. 7. Podcasting is…. Online content, consumed on-demand – often on a portable device Usually audio – mostly MP3 – but could also be video Distributed on an ongoing basis to subscribers using RSS Is a converged medium Is also a ( fairly level) distribution platform Shifts content in time and place  “Time-shifting” / “place-shifting”
  8. 8. BBC Click – July 2011
  9. 9. Comparing Radio to Podcasts RADIO is… PODCASTS ARE… Live  On-demand Synchronous  Asynchronous Mass-audience  In niche formats/genres Regulated  Un-regulated A “push medium”  A “pull medium” A linear medium  Non-linear
  10. 10. Digital Listening- MIDAS (2010) 2.2 million smartphone owners have downloaded a radio app 16.3 million* listeners claim to have ever listened to radio via the internet 12.7 million adults have used a Listen Again service
  11. 11. Listening to Podcasts - MIDAS 8.1 million adults (16% of the adult 15+ population) claim to have ever downloaded a podcast. Almost half of podcast users (44%) claim to listen to podcasts at least once a week but only 24% of users find the time to listen to all the podcasts they download. 76% said that listening to podcasts had no impact on their live radio listening habits, while 30% say that they now listen to radio programmes to which they did not listen previously. The typical podcast user subscribes to just under 5 podcasts, and spent just under an hour in the last week listening to them. As in previous surveys, comedy and music remain the two favourite genres. 77% of podcast users listen to podcasts at home, and 50% listen in the car or on public transport.
  12. 12. Types of Podcasts Listen Again Converged media content Online only content from linear broadcasters Public Sector / Information Independent Mainstream Independent non-mainstream
  13. 13. The Infinite Dial: 2012
  14. 14. Why Podcasts?
  15. 15. Making Multiplatform… Content that flows across more than one platform  How are you using other spaces? Shows that exist on TV and Radio – like BBC Click Shows that have been built with the internet in mind  Million Pound Drop Live Multiplatform events – such as the Olympics or Glastonbury  Live content on TV and Radio  Updates via apps and the web  Support information online and via „red button‟
  16. 16. Exercise Think of pre-existing product, TV show or magazine and think about how you could make a Podcast to go alongside it.  What would it do?  What would be in the podcast?  Come up with some ideas for features, regular items  How does it reflect or build the brand it services?