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  1. 1. CONTENT FOR LIVE RADIOMAC 196: Multiplatform Radio and Audio
  2. 2. Things you can put in your show…• Interviews • Live in the studio • Live on the telephone • Recorded and then edited • On location • In a studio• Reviews • Live • Recorded• Vox-pops• Packages
  3. 3. Programme • 30 minute programmes – Music + SpeechPlanning • Aim for at least 2 on-air features • What do you want do? Ideas • What’s the best way to do this? • Research – what do you need to know? Pre- production • Who do you need to talk to? • Allow enough time Production • Ensure content is edited before TX
  4. 4. Programme Roles• Presenter• Producer• Technical Operator / Studio Manager• Researcher / Reporter• Visual Content Producer What kind of people do you want in these roles? What kind of skills do they need to have?
  5. 5. Skills….
  6. 6. Things you will need…• Deadlines • When will things be ready? • Who’s doing what?• A Running Order • How things are and where they go• A programme script • Cues, Menus and plans for links• A production file • Research and evidence of planning • Communication
  7. 7. Packages• Contains: • Scripted links, Interview clips, vox- pops, music, actuality, reconstructions etc etc• Structure: • Mix the elements together, try to tell a story rather than have blocks of interviews or script. • Tell the listener what to expect – what the story is • Add more detail – get an explanation • Find out more – fill in some blanks • Try and close the story, add a conclusion
  8. 8. Example….• Cue from presenter….• Opening Link• 1st Interview clip• 2nd link• 2nd interview clip (same person)• 3rd link• 3rd interview clip (new person)• 4th link• Final interview clip (person 1)• Back –announcement from presenter
  9. 9. Ideas and what to do with them?• Audience • What does the audience want/expect? • What interests them?• Resources • What do you have access to? • What do you have time to do?• Techniques • How can this story be told the best? • How can you bring this alive? Make it relevant? Look at the range of approaches here