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S bsnapshotcomposed2013


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S bsnapshotcomposed2013

  1. 1. APPEL • PHOTO 1 • SKETCHBOOK ASSIGNMENT #1: SNAPSHOT COMPOSED 2. Tape or glue it in to your sketchbook. Label it SNAPSHOT and write WHY it is a snapshot (using your notes and/or our discussion from class the other day.) 3. Think about how you could CHANGE or RETAKE the photograph to make it more composed. Make sure you consider all the components of what makes a photograph composed! (Use your notes as a reference!) 4. If you need to CHANGE your photograph to make it composed, use tracing paper to overlay on top of the image and make the changes (for example, cropping, adding something to the composition, etc.) If you need to RETAKE your photograph, draw a thumbnail sketch (can be simple so long as it is clear!) of how you would retake the photograph of the same subject / idea but making it composed. 5. Write how you changed / retook your photograph, it and why that makes it composed. Include how your new photograph tries to have a more universal appeal as well as what Principle of Composition (s) your new photograph uses. 1. Choose one of the images you brought in (or you can find a new one you’d rather use) that is definitely a snapshot. - casual record of my team - only emotionally meaningful to us - no considerations of the “POC” - not an artistic interpretation or communicating anything about the subject SNAPSHOT examples of CHANGE examples of RETAKE - cropped image to focus on hands & boat - cuts out extra background and makes it a bit more universal - uses Rule of Thirds (hands on right third line) - added figures in the extreme foreground to create interest / sense of mystery - uses Point of View (looking between people from behind) - instead of a typical team photo, I could focus on the idea of being a team through showing one player comforting another player - Using the Edges of the Frame (players & bench on left and bottom edge; basket on right edge - nothing in middle area) - I could try to symbolize my team by using our water bottles as a symbol for us - they are close together to show our closeness - uses Light (strong light source creates shadows) and FTF/Cropping (zoomed in)