Pencil self portrait 2013
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Pencil self portrait 2013

  1. RUBRIC: YOUR NAME: alternative materials self-portrait part 1: your pencil self-portrait Objectives Studio Skills Presentation You completed a self-portrait in Your portrait shows a full range of Your drawings are free from tears, pencil using observational drawing values: whitest, darkest, and folds, smudges, stray marks, or techniques, including: multiple shades of middle grey. guidelines. You stayed away from smudging • closely studying your face and You used sighting and making when creating value. drawing from observation comparisons to other features to ensure that your portrait has Your work shows effort to complete accurate proportions and features the drawing. • working from light to dark You used your time productively, you took the time to complete your • stopping to check for accuracy appropriately, and safely during best work. as you work every class. • adding a full range of values to You took care of the art materials your portrait to give it form and voluntarily assisted in clean-up on a daily basis. Give yourself the grade you feel you earned: /20 /20 /20 part 1 TOTAL: /60 REFLECTION QUESTIONs: 1. What did you learn about drawing self-portraits during this unit that was new to you? 2. What advice would you give to someone who was about to start drawing their self-portrait? RUBRIC TOTAL: /10