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Logo reflection


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Logo reflection

  1. 1. DIRECTIONS: Using complete sentences, compose an Artist Statement of at least one paragraph that addresses the following components: - What techniques did you use to develop this piece? (For example: cropping/zooming, overlapping, rotating, inverting, simplifying (merging letters), changing the font, balancing positive and negative space/shapes.) - How did you use these techniques to make your logo successful, unique, and/or meaningful? - Discuss the planning process: How did you use thumbnail sketches (small practice sketches) to help you come up with your design, and what adjustments did you make that helped you decide on your final design? - Were you inspired by any logos you have seen in class or everyday life? Which ones and how? - Do you feel that your logo is a good symbol for you as an individual? Why or why not? If not, how would you design a logo that better represents you? (Did you find yourself drawn towards certain fonts or arrangements? What could these choices say about you?) - How could you use any of these skills in the future? (In art class or outside of class.) Please use the back of this sheet to complete your reflection. A typed response is also permitted. OBJECTIVE DESIGN STUDIO SKILLS PRESENTATION You created a design using your initials so that they are almost unrecognizable as letters, and are seen more as a design. (5pts) You challenged yourself to “think past” your first idea. (5pts) You carefully arranged your letters to create a strong composition by doing at least two of the following: • cropping your letters off the page • merging your letters together • altering the font • using negative shapes to make your letters • inverting or rotating your letters • overlapping your letters At least three thumbnail sketches were made (and turned in) in preparation for your final design. (5pts) You carefully glued your paper so that there are minimal wrinkles, and no excess glue seeping from behind your design. (5pts) The final design is evident of quality, time, thought, and care. (5pts) There are no pencil smudges, ripped areas, excess creases, or unnecessary marks on your final piece. (5pts) /10 /20 /10 /10 OBJECTIVE DESIGN STUDIO SKILLS PRESENTATION You addressed all questions of the reflection completely. (1 point for addressing each question) Your reflection is written using complete sentences. Your reflection uses correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Your reflection is written legibly or typed. /9 /6 /5 /5 YOUR NAME:RUBRIC: LOGO DESIGN sketchbook cover LOGO DESIGN and sketchbook cover: Artist statement reflection: