Radio's connected future - Cilla Benkö, SR, SE


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Radio's connected future - Cilla Benkö, SR, SE

  1. 1. From old analogue to new digital Cilla Benkö, director general Swedish Radio
  2. 2. Swedish Radio since 1925 Uncle Sven
  3. 3. Ground rules − License fee − Cutbacks since 2000 − New Charter 2014-2019 − Digital transformation within budget
  4. 4. Core values − Independent − Trusted − Open-minded − Innovative
  5. 5. Three pillars Social media IP-based production web/mobile Terrestrial broadcasting
  6. 6. Pillar 1: Terrestrial broadcastning in Sweden Now − 7 million listeners − 1995 DAB − Investigation − November 2014
  7. 7. Pillar 1: Terrestrial broadcasting in Sweden, in the future???? − Realistic plan − Funding for parallel broadcasting FM and DAB + − Be in step with Europe − New offering
  8. 8. − 66 % − 86% − Audio, easy and share − + SR Play: 1 500 000/week − Growing interest in Podcast Priority Now: development of Pillar No 2
  9. 9. Focus since 2010 on Pillar No 3 − FB: 200 programs and channels − 650 000 − Serious Request: potential range: 3 million − Integrated program orders: FM, digital, social media − Sharing
  10. 10. For one week, we collected people’s stories ……about fleeing to SwedenHere are some of these stories from #minflyktOne day – it ‘s our turn…For the last time, Mum locks the door to our home.And then we fled.When weapons were fired at constant intervals……when our neighbors’ bodies lay on the ground……we decided to flee.My mother was only 17……when she packed her life inside a suitcase.But despite that, her flight has affected me.Now, I’m sitting here writing down her story.Then we fled into Syria……there, we were imprisoned.Mum and I was separated from Dad.Screams were heard from the other cells……from men who were being tortured....…some of them to death.Mum tried to hear……if any of these screams were my Dad’s…One of my first memories in Sweden……Dad telling me that I don’t have to be afraid……of the police anymore.I remember the first night at the refugee centre in TumbaThey explained to us how to use a flush toilet……that made us laugh a lot.How do I tell my Swedish-born sibling……about my experiences fleeing to Sweden.What should I tell…. and when?We started over in a new country……but we never talked about what we’d lost.We looked to the future.But our memories and wounds were still there…I’m responsible for making my own happiness.For my mum’s sake…Thanks to everyone who participated in #minflykt Play a vital role i the democratic society
  11. 11. Uncle Sven Analogue 1925 The vital thing is still the Content Maria Digital 2014
  12. 12. Cilla Benkö, Director General @CillaBenko