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lesson plan 1 maya 3


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Published in: Technology, Education
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lesson plan 1 maya 3

  1. 1. Unit One: JavaScript Programming
  2. 2. Guess the website game
  3. 3. Guess the website
  4. 4. Guess the website
  5. 5. Guess the website
  6. 6. Guess the website
  7. 7. Guess the website
  8. 8. Guess the website
  9. 9. Guess the website
  10. 10. Guess the website
  11. 11. What do all these websites have incommon?They all use JavaScript
  12. 12. What is JavaScript?JavaScript is a popular programminglanguage thats built into all the major webbrowsers and used to make web pagesinteractive
  13. 13. What do we use to help us programin JavaScript?AlgorithmsVariablesFlowcharts
  14. 14. AlgorithmsAn algorithm is a step by step procedure forcalculationsAlgorithms can be used to create a set ofinstructions to solve a problem – These arecalled Programs and are executed bycomputers.
  15. 15. Algorithm Example
  16. 16. VariablesIn programming, a variable is a value that canchange, depending on conditions or oninformation passed to the program.Sometimes in writing a program, one value thatmay be included could be a constant whichmeans its value doesnt not change.
  17. 17. Flowcharts
  18. 18. Rules of creating a FlowchartUse a start box at the beginning and stop boxat the end.Connect all symbols with flow lines.Flowchart is read from top to bottom as shownby the flow lines.Mark a decision box with either a “Yes” or“No.”
  19. 19. Flowchart ExamplesFinding the total marks from 2 tests1.Take the marks of one test (we shall call itmarks1.)2.Take the marks of a second test (we shall call itmarks2.)3.Add marks1 and marks2 ( so it would show asresult=marks1 + marks2.)4.The result is then shown based on theinformation entered.
  20. 20. Finding the total marks from2 tests1.Take the marks of one test(we shall call it marks1.)2.Take the marks of asecond test (we shall call itmarks2.)3.Add marks1 and marks2( so it would show asresult=marks1 + marks2.)4.The result is then shownbased on the informationentered.
  21. 21. Flowchart example 2In pairs of two, try to create a flowchart based onthis AlgorithmFind the perimeter of a square.1.The Input is Length and Breadth2. The process to be created is area = Length xBreadth, Perimeter = 2 x (Length x Breadth)3.The output is display area and display perimeter