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Turkish contemporary writer


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Turkish contemporary writer

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Turkish contemporary writer

  1. 1. Orhan Pamuk Hi everyone now I’ll introduce you to one of the Turkeys best authors: Orhan PAMUK UMAR EKEN
  2. 2. Orhan Pamuk’s Live • Orhan pamuk was born in istanbul in june 1952.He has grown with crowd family in Istanbul's Nişantaşı part.He has developed himself in teenage years by painting.He graduated high school at robert collage.He began with the architecture department of the university life but he left university education in half.Although he later studied journalizm at the istanbul university,he didnt journalizm.Finally he chose to write and he started writing at 23 age.
  3. 3. Orhan Pamuk 's Success He is one of the most talented writers of turkish literaty history.he can be recognized best writer in turkey recently.he constantly won awards. He developed himself day by day.He won the nobel prize in 2006. Orhan pamuk the only author to win a nobel prize in turkish story.He is one of the persons who can get this prize in young ages.Orhan Pamuks novels translated sixty languages around the world besides his work made a great success with having a copy more than eleven million.
  4. 4. Orhan Pamuk, the diagnosis of the novel " The Silent House " Novel’s Subject: One historian , one revolutionary , one of three grandchildren had made up his mind to be rich , fifty kilometers away from Istanbul in the summer of 1980 , it is the story of a week spent in the mansion of her grandmother who lived in Cennethisar . The main idea of the book: the gap between East and West is not an invention, which can be closed at a time and only with a change in people's minds.