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Spanish theatre


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Spanish theatre

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Spanish theatre

  2. 2. COMEDY THEATRES IN SPAIN Comedy Theatres used to follow the architectural model of family inns or neighbourhoods’ courtyards, enclosed in open-air spaces designed for the purpose of hosting theatrical performances during the Siglo de Oro (the Spanish Golden Age). The closure of these types of theatres was ordered in the 18th century, some of them were transformed into Italian style theatres; however, most of them were lost over time.
  3. 3. THE HISTORY OF THE COMEDY CORRAL OF ALMAGRO The Almagro Comedy Theatre was built over the so-called “del Toro inn” in 1628 by Leonardo Oviedo, after when it became the «Comedies Inn» the wooden structures were covered up with brick and plaster to optimize the use of the open areas like the stage. The “Corral” was rediscovered in 1954 and Almagro City Council bought the patio. After the restoration works, the building started a new era of theatrical performances. Actually, the theatre is lively all year round, hosting not only plays during the well-known International Theatre’s Festival, but also throughout the whole year.
  4. 4. PARTS OF THE COMEDY CORRAL “Zaguán”. This is the entrance from the street to the building. “Alojería”. Lower corridor located in front of the stage. “Patio de Mosqueteros” (Musketeers’ Patio). The central patio of the building. “La Cazuela and Tertulia or Desván”. The first corridor in front of the stage. “Aposentos or Galleries”. They were located in the upper corridor on the left and right hand sides, and were more expensive. “Tablado” (the stage). Under the wooden stage.
  6. 6. FESTIVAL OF COMEDY CORRAL The Almagro Classic Theater Festival is a cultural event dedicated to the theatrical legacy of the Spanish Baroque and especially to the Golden Age. In addition to the theater, music and dance functions staged by companies of the National and international panorama, during the approximately 24 days of the meeting. His birth, in particular, occurred on September 20, 1978.
  7. 7. OUR EXPERIENCE Last year we did a trip to the Comedy Corral of Almagro, it was an amazing experience because we saw the theatre play of Romeo and Juliet. It was really fun and we learned a lot of about how the ancient people could see the theatre plays and where they saw them.