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Our erasmus hungary


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Erasmus experience - Hungary

Published in: Education
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Our erasmus hungary

  1. 1. Our Erasmus experience How our school has become more international
  2. 2. Our European project history • 5 Comenius multilaterial cooperations (2009-14) Secondary school: Climate Change: The Solution Is You! – 2009–11 Are we green enough? – 2012-14 Skills for life, skills for future – 2012-14 Department for students with special needs: The European Food Passport Project : 2009-11 Cities Our Lovely Rainbows!- 2013 - Comenius teacher trainings, language assisstants
  3. 3. Erasmus+ projects (2014-) • KA1 project: 2014-16 15 mobilities to teacher training courses France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Portugal Methodology, digital skills
  4. 4. Your Entrepreneurial Skills for Future: 2014-17 • Finland, Hungary, Slovenia and Spain • Learning about business, setting up student companies, learning business English, exchange of good practices
  5. 5. Reading in English for Amusement and Dialogue in Europe: 2015-18 • Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Spain and Turkey 240 short-term mobilities + transnational project meetings Improving basic skills: reading and writing Using drama techniques Exchange of good practices
  6. 6. Impact on our institution • Professional relationship with 31 European schools! • New contacts, ideas, student exchange programmes • Linguistic, digital development of students and teachers • Professional development, new methods, good practices • Stronger professional relationships within and outside our institution, trainings within our school and for teachers of our educational district. • New collaboration with local, regional and national organisations: libraries, museums, theatres, training centres • New programmes within our school: Europe Day, Translation Competition, Project Days ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE FOR ALL STUDENTS AND TEACHERS