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Narcissus and Goldmund


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Narcissus and Goldmund

  1. 1. Narcissus aNd GoldmuNd Author: Herman Hesse Title: Narcissus and Goldmund Publication date: 1930 Original language: German
  2. 2. PloT The novel tells the story of the lives and friendship of Narcissus and Goldmund. Narcissus is a young, well-educated and contemplative monk in the convent of Mariabronn. One day Goldmund arrives at the convent. His father takes him here because he doesn’t want for Goldmund to become like his mother, a sinner. A very deep bond develops between the two of them. With the help of Narcissus, Goldmund understands that he does not have a religious vocation and he leaves the convent after his meeting with the young Lisa.
  3. 3. He becomes a vagabond and goes on a journey of adventure, joy and suffering. In his journey, Goldmund also learns the horrors of life: the plague and death (the novel is set in the middle ages), cruelty, that lead him to kill the roadster who travelled with him, after he tries to rob Goldmund.
  4. 4. He finds love in the figures of Lisa, a gypsy, Lydia, the daughter of a knight that hosted him in his castle, his sister Julia, Lena, who died of plague, and Agnese. But the most important figure is the eternal Mother, a mix of his mother and all the girls he knew. She is the ideal whom he tries to represent and whom he reaches just before his death. She is the symbol of love and the realization of all his artistic wishes. During his wanderings, Goldmund discovers his nature with the help of Nicola, a teacher sculptor.
  5. 5. Tired to be a vagabond, he returns to the convent after he has escaped death with the help of Narcissus, who recognized him. Goldmund dies in the arms of his friend Narcissus, after finally recalling the image of the mother..
  6. 6. CHARACTERS NARCISSUS He is a monk of Mariabronn convent. He is a good and educated boy so he becomes a teacher, althought he’s young. He has a real religious vocation and he decides to devote his life to religion. GOLDMUND He is forced by his dad to start convent life. He is a curious and young boy who wants to discover the world. He tries to remember his mother’s face during all his adventures. He becomes an artist at the end of his life.
  7. 7. COMMENT This is a beautiful book because it tells about important themes like friendship, love and religion. It makes you think about the importance of life and about what the real meaning of freedom is. In fact the main concept is that freedom means looking for one’s true essence and for what makes you feel happy and calm. Elisa Di Piazza Daniele Orani Sara Verrecchia 2B