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Italian theatre


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Italian theatre

Published in: Education
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Italian theatre

  2. 2. THE ANCIENT THEATRE It originated for thefeast days inhonor of Dionysus as a competitionbetweenthree poets. It hadan educationalaim, in fact it dealthwith: - the city’s flaws - - thewrong behaviours of thegreek citizens
  3. 3. MIDDLE AGES AND RENAISSANCE With theoccupationof Greece, thetheatrespread also inRome, but duringthe Middle Ages it was abandoned because it wasn’t considered as nobel as the literary composition. After a fewyears it succeeded againwith theart comedy which was characterized by theuseof masks thathad always thesame featuresand theimprovisation.
  4. 4. MODERN AGES AND GOLDONI Because ofthe use ofthe same characters and ofthe improvisation,the theater became ordinary and rude, untilGoldoni,anitalianplaywrighter,decided to control everything that theactor was doingon the stage.
  5. 5. THE MIDDLE-CLASS DRAMA The characterswere bourgeois members anditdealthwith: - dailylife - misfortunes - aspirations
  6. 6. THE CONTEMPORARY AGE From 1900 thetheaterchanged: -itisconsideredas“pureart “ -the actoris themostimportantelement - thefeelingsare intensifiedwithgestures -itwasintroducedthedirector