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Erasmus experience - Lithuania

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Erasmus + The exchange programme
  2. 2. This project connects 7 countries:  Belgium  Spain  Poland  Hungary  Turkey  Greece  Lithuania Are we green enough?
  3. 3. The aim of the project - to promote ecological consciousness and share best experience among the participating countries. The aim of this project? The project will take place in the students 'and teachers' meetings, will project website, created a song and movies about the friendly environment, the exhibition is held on the green energy recovery, green manifesto be published, broadcast radio program about renewable energy sources, ecological consciousness day organized.
  4. 4. Photos from this project
  5. 5. In this project we are working with Bulgaria Comenius Regio ,,Opening the windows of citizenship” Goals: 1.To share best practices in the field of civic education among national, regional partners 2. To strengthen the European dimension in school education 3. Consolidate their sense of the value of in developing of their country, the people, the single European destiny
  6. 6. This project connects 6 countries:  Italy  Spain  Turkey  Croatia  Lithuania  Hungary Read in Europe
  7. 7.  Develop reading skills  Learn more about other countries cultures  Improve English speech  To have friends not only around your country  Have fun meeting each other! The aim of this project?